Banking abbreviations

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Hard to remember banking abbreviations

Question Answer
NCMCNational Common Mobility Card
uCN Uniform Code Number
bbr Bank Base Rate
PEP Personal Equity Plans
LBSLocational Banking Statistics
BISBank of Information Services
1. PSBs Public Sector Banks
2. SNBCs Schedule Non Commercial Banks
3. SENSEX Sensitive Index Of Stock Exchange
4. KYC Know Your Customer
5. RTGS Real Time Gross Settlement 6. NEFT
7. EFT Electronic Fund Transfer
8. CBS Core Banking Solutions
9. LIBOR London Interbank Offered Rate
10. MIBOR Mumbai Interbank Offered Rate
11. MIBID Mumbai Interbank Bid Rate
12. SARFAESI Securitisation & Reconstruction Of Financial Assets & Enforcement Of Security Interest
13. CAR Capital Adequecy Ratio
14. FIIs Foreign Institutional Investments
15. MICR Magnetic Ink Character Recognition
16. BIRD Bankers Institute Of Rural Development
17. IBA Indian Bank Association
18. BPLR Benchmark Prime Lending Rate
19. SWOT Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities&Threats
20. SWIFT Society For Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication
21. FERA Foreign Exchange Regulatory Act
22. FEMA Foreign Exchange Management Act
23. CASA Current&Saving Account
24. NDTL Net Demand&Time Liabilities
25. NASDAQ National Association For Securities Dealers Automated Quotations
26. CRISIL Credit Rating&Investment Services India Limited
27. CIBIL Credit Information Bureau Of India Limited
28. NAV Net Asset Value
29. ICRA Indian Credit Rating Agency
30. CARE Credit Analysis & Research Limited
31. WMAs Ways & Means Advances
32. ALM Asset Liability Management
33. INFINET Indian Financial Network
34. OLTAS ON line Tax Accounting System (OLTAS) for Direct Taxes
35. TIN Tax Information Network (TIN)
36. IMPS Interbank Mobile Payment Service (IMPS) or Immediate Payment Service
37. CDR Corporate Debt Restructuring
38. CAD Capital Account Deficit
39. REITs: Real Estate Investment Trusts
40. InvITS Infrastructure Investment Trusts
41. ALM Asset Liability Management
42. ASBA Application Supported by Blocked Amount
43. PIN Personal Identification Number
44. CECA Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement
45. CEPA Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreemeny
46. DTAA Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement
47. EFSF European Financial Stability Facility
48. FINO Financial Inclusion Network Operation
49. FIPB Foreign Investment Promotion board
50. FSLRC Financial Sector Legislative Reforms Commission
52. LCR Liquidity Coverage Ratio
53. TARC Tax Administration Reform Commission
54. GIRO Government Internal Revenue Order
55. FRBMA Fiscal Responsibility&Budget Management Act
56. AMFI Association of Mutual Fund in India.
57. TIEA Tax Information exchange Agreement
58. GAAR General anti avoidance rule
62. TAPI Turkmenistan
63. QFI Qualified Foreign Investors
64. AD Authorized Dealer.
65. ASSOCHAM Associated Chambers of Commerce & Industry of India.
66. BCSBI Banking Codes & Standards Board of India.
67. BIS Bank for International Settlements.
68. CDS Credit Default Swap.
69. CEPA Comprehensive Economic Partnership Management.
70. FIMMDA Fixed Income Money MARKETS & Derivatives Association.
71. FPI Foreign Portfolio Investment.
72. IBRD International Bank for Reconstruction & Development.
73. UIDAI Unique Identification Development Authority of India.
74. PMGSY Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana
75. PMEGP PM's Employment Generation Programme
76. NRDWP National Rural Drinking Water Programme
77. PMKK Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Kendras
78. SANKALP Skill Acquisition & Knowledge Awareness for Livelihood Promotion programme
79. STRIVE Skill Strengthening for Industrial Value Enhancement
80. NTA National Testing Agency
81. ICDS Integrated Child Development Services
82. TIES Trade Infrastructure for Export Scheme
83. FIPB Foreign Investment Promotion Board
84. CERT Fin
85. IRFC Indian Railway Finance Corporation Limited
86. FFO Further Fund