Ballet Terms

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Vocab Quiz 1

port de brascarriage of the arms, a movement or series made by passing the arm through positions
pliébent, bending, bending of the knee(s)
demi pliéhalf- bend of the knees
grand pliéfull bending of the knees
battement tendubattement stretched
battement dégagétwice the speed of battement tendu, foot raises 4 inches from floor
battement piquélittle pricked battement
rond de jamberound of the leg, a circular movement of the leg
grand battementthe working leg is raised from the hip into the air and broght down again
cou-de-pied "neck" of the foot, between the ankle and the base of the calf
retiréwithdrawn, thigh is raised to second position with toe resting on supporting knee
passépassed, working leg's foot passes the knee of the supporting leg
relevéraised, a raising of the body
elevépupil or student
adagioa series of excercises following the center practice that are slow & graceful
chasséchased, one foot chases the other out of its position
temps liéconnected movement
barrehorizontal wooden bar fastened to the wall for dancers support, beginning of every class
centerexcercises similar to those at the barre but performed in the center without the support of the bar
en dehorsturned out, "out the door", clockwise
en dedansturned inward, counterclockwise
en diagonalstep toward the diagonal
de côtésideways
sautéjumped, jumping
polonaisea processional dance in 3/4 time, Swan Lake
épaulementshouldering, the placing of the shoulders
pas de chevalhorse's step
sous-susunder-over, relevé 5th position
pas de bourréebourree step, back- side- front
allegrobrisk or lively
detournéturned aside, half turn
développédeveloping movement
à la quatriemeforth postion
à la secondesecond postion
en croixin the shaoe of a cross, front-side-back (vice versa)
devantin front
derrièrebehind or back
changementchange of feet
en avantforwards, toward audience
en arrièrebackwards, away from audience
soubresautsudden spring or bound
balancérocking step, shifting weight from one foot to the other
1st arabesquearms out palms down
2nd arabesque forward arm opposite from supporting leg, face to audience
3rd arabesqueboth arms extended forward same as supporting leg
fondusinking down, lowering body by bending the supporting leg knee
fondu développédeveloping movement while sinking
pas de chatcat's step,
échappéescaping or slipping movement, opening of both feet from a closed position