Bact- PCR

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Uses for PCR in Bact(1) detecting presence/absence of a bacterial target sequence, (2) performing subsequent sequencing of a bacterial target sequence, (3) creating recombinant proteins, (4) creating DNA probes
Purpose of PCR:amplify target sequence exponentially
Preincubation phase of PCRseparates protein strands
T/F in PCR you always proceed from cleanest to dirtiesttrue
electrophoresis machinecreates an electrical current. DNA moves from neg to +
TAE buffer fxn conducts current through the gel
DNA ladder fxnprovides standards for different sized DNA fragments
Loading dyeallows visualization of sample when loading and migration of the sample during electrophoresis
agarose matrix through which DNA passes
nucleotide dyes (2)(1) ethidium bromide (2) Sybr Green (safest)
nucleotide dye fxnused to visualize the DNA bands after electrophoresis is performed
T/F Erhlichia needs PCR to be diagnosedtrue
Lepto can't grow on McConkey or BA, what should you do?run PCR