BacT Lab Final

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Section 1

Question Answer
staph. aureus + hemolysis, catalase +, coag +
staph intermedius+hemolysis, catalase +, coag +
staph epidermids- hemolysis, catalase +, coag -
strep. agalactagedont do coag, -/+ hemolysis. POSTIVIE CAMP
strep dysgalactiaedont do coag, -/+ hemoysis NEGATIVE CAMP
strep equidong do coag, + hemolysis
only two you do the CAMP tostrep. agalacticae and strep dysgalactiae
arcanobacterium pyogenes48 hors, pinpoint + hemolysis, catalase -
corynebacterium renale24 hor, waxy, Hemolysis -, catalase +
corynebacerium pseudotuberculosishemolysis +, small and chalky and catalase +
erysipelothrix thusiopathiaeincomplete +, catalase neg
rhodococcus equi48 hour mucoid, slightly pink, hemolysi - catalse +
bacillus cereusflat, large grey irregular edges hemolysis +/-, catalase +
clostridium tetaniterminal spores
nocardiabranching with beady staining
mycobacterium paratuberculusacid fast pink short rods
organisms you do the urease test tosalmonella -, klebsiella +, proteus +

Section 2

Question Answer
e coligram -
salmonellagram -
klebsiellagram -
pseudomonas aerginosagram -
proteusgram -
pastuerella multocidagram -
bordatella bronchiosepticagram -
campylobacter jejuigram -
staph. gram pos
strepgram pos
arcao bac pyogenesgram pos
cornebacterium renalegram pos
rhodococcus equigram pos
bacillus cereusgram pos
clostridum tetanigram pos
nocardiagram pos
dermatophilusgram pos
mycobacterium paratuberculusgram

Section 3

Question Answer
terminal sporesclostridium tetani
rail road tracksdermatophilus
flat large grey with irregular edgesbacillus cereus
green on macpseudomonsas
pink on mace. coli
curvy rodscampylobacter
gram - doesnt grow on macpasteurella multocida
swarming growth on blood agarporteus mirabilis

Section 4

Question Answer
campylobactererythromycin, tetracycline, NO TMS
pasteurella multocidatetracycline, TMS
pseudomonas aruginosagentamicin, no penicillin/TMS
dermatophiliuspenicillin, steptomycin, tetracycline, topical chlorohexadine
clostridium tetanipenicillin and anti toxin
rodococcus equirifamin, erythomycin
corynebacterium pseudotuberculosisineffective cull
corneybacterium renalsepenicillin
arcanobacterium pyogenespenicillin
staphsensitivity test cloxacillin

Section 5

Question Answer
what percent koh for test3%
streaking colonies should separatein last quadrant
double zone hemolysis chacteristic ofstaph aureus and intermedius
both catalase and coagulase positivestaph aureus and staph intermedius
catalas test for staphpostive
postive urease test ispink change in color
what do you use the charcal and cefoperazone?campylobacter jejuni
what temp should campy be incubated at 42 C
what percent koh for ringerworm hair test10%