Background of Ethical Philosophy

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Section 1

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ethicsbranch of philosophy dealing with values relating to human conduct, with respect to the rightness and wrongness of certain actions and to the goodness and badness of motives and such actions
code of ethicsdeclaration or statement of the professional standards of right and wrong conduct
valuesbeliefs that are held in high esteem
moralsynonymous with ethical, refers to customs, values and standards of a group, age, or theory intended to be timeless
absolute moral standardmoral principle followed consistently regardless of the situation
situational ethicsmoral principles that vary with circumstances
business ethicswhat is good or moral in business transactions

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honestyhaving a sense of honor, upright and fair dealing
integrityfidelity to moral principles
professionalismprofessional charcter or spirit
normative ethicsinvolves formulating moral standards of conduct
meta-ethicsevaluats the meaning of ethical statements and the structure and reasons used at arrivin at normative theories
teleological theory/consequentalismmaintains that the morality of an action is determined solely by its consequences
deontological theory/non-consequentalismmaintains that the morality of an action is determined by its motives or in accordance with some rules.
utilitarianismthe morally right action produces the greatest good for the largest number of people.

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