Back Muscles O,I,N,F (Layers 1, 2, 3)

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Trapezius [Descending/Superior Part] (O)Superior Nuchal Line, C1-C6 Spinous Processes (via Nuchal Ligament)
Latissimus Dorsi (O)T7-S5 Spinous Processes, Median Sacral Crest, Thoracolumbar Fascia, Posterior Super Iliac Spine, Iliac Crest, 10-12 rib, Inferior Angle Scapula
Rhomboid Major (O)T1-T4 Spinous Processes
Rhomboid Minor (O)C6-C7 Spinous Processes
Levator Scapulae (O)C1-C4 Transverse Processes
Serratus Posterior Superior (O)C6-T2 Spinous Processes
Serratus Posterior Inferior (O)T11-L2 Spinous Processes
Trapezius [Transverse/Middle Part] (O)C7-T3 Spinous Processes
Trapezius [Ascending/Inferior Part] (O)T4-T12 Spinous Processes

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Trapezius [Descending/Superior Part] (I)Acromial End of Clavicle, Acromion
Latissimus Dorsi (I)Crest of Lesser Tubercle of Humerus
Rhomboid Major (I)Caudal 2/3 of the medial border of scapula
Rhomboid Minor (I)Cranial 1/3 of Medial border of Scapula
Levator Scapulae (I)Superior Angle of Scapula, Upper margin of medial border of Scapula
Serratus Posterior Superior (I)2-5th rib, angle of rib
Serratus Posterior Inferior (I)9-12th rib
Trapezius [Transverse/Middle Part] (I)Spine of Scapula
Trapezius [Ascending/Inferior Part] (I)Spine of Scapula

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Trapezius (N)Accessory Nerve XI, Anterior Rami of the Spinal Nerves
Latissimus Dorsi (N)Thoracodorsal Nerve
Rhomboid Major (N)Dorsal Scapular Nerve
Rhomboid Minor (N)Dorsal Scapular Nerve
Levator Scapulae (N)Anterior Rami of Spinal Nerves, Dorsal Scapular Nerve
Serratus Posterior Superior (N)Intercostal Nerves I-IV
Serratus Posterior Inferior (N)Inter Costal Nerves IX-XI, Subcostal Nerve

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Trapezius (F)External Rotation of Scapula, Elevation of Scapula
Latissimus Dorsi (F)Internal Rotation, Adduction, Dorsal Flex. of Arm. Inspiration Muscle.
Rhomboid Major (F)Elevation of Scapula
Rhomboid Minor (F)Elevation of Scapula
Levator Scapulae (F)Elevation of Scapula. Lateroflexion of vertbral colum. Internal rotation of Scapula..
Serratus Posterior Superior (F)Elevation of ribs - inspiratory Muscle
Serratus Posterior Inferior (F)Inspiratory Muscle

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