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Tetracyclines and Abortions and Mastitis

Question Answer
do you treat yersinia with TCs?yes
do you treat franciella with TCs?yes
do you treat brucella with TCs?yes
do you treat leptospira with TCs?yes
do you treat borellia with TCs?yes
do you treat Chlamydophila with TCs?yes
do you treat salmonella with TCs?no
do you treat burkholderia with TCs?no
do you treat Camphylobacter jejuni with TCs?no
do you treat H. pylori with TCs?no
does salmonella cause abortion? mastitis?abortion
does actinobacillus equuli cause abortion? mastitis?abortion
does histophilus somni cause abortion? mastitis?abortion
does Taylorella equigenitalis cause abortion? mastitis?abortion
does brucella cause abortion? mastitis?abortion
does campylobacter cause abortion? mastitis?abortion
does leptospira cause cause abortion? mastitis?abortion
does Coxiella burnetii cause abortion? mastitis?abortion
does Klebsiella pneumoniae cause abortion? mastitis?mastitis
does Mycoplasma bovis cause abortion? mastitis?mastitis
does Mycoplasma agalactiae cause abortion? mastitis?mastitis

Rest of Dr. Hari+Gibson

Question Answer
what causes foot rot in sheep? HOW is the foot caused to rot?fusobacterium necrophorum. Foot rot caused by protease which is an enzyme that breaks down protein of foot
what causes calf diphtheria?fusobacterium necrophorum (diptheria- dead- necro)
what causes BRLAC?fusobacterium necrophorum (DEAD-"NECRO" LIVER)
what does BRLAC stand for bovine ruminitis-liver abscess complex
tx for fusobacterium necrophorum? vx? virulence factors?footrot-keep off wet pasture, vx may help, trim feet and bathe in chlorhex solution, pencillin and streptomycin injection (foot rot so bad itll strep the PENis right off your body), zinc sulfate in feed. LONG PILLI + protease which is an enzyme that breaks down protein of foot
what does Chlamydophila psittaci cause?Avian chlamydiosis/parrot fever/psittacosis
what causes Avian chlamydiosis/parrot fever/psittacosis?Chlamydophila psittaci
how do you tx Chlamydophila psittaci? Vx? is it zoonotic?TC to treat ALL CHLAMIDIA!!!. NO VX. zoonotic
what does Chlamydophila felis cause? tx? vx?Conjunctivitis-cat. Vx reduces severity; treat w/ TC eye ointment (TCs for all chlamidia) ( Cats Clamydia Conjunctivitis)
what does Bartonella henselae cause? in who? tx?CAT SCRATCH FEVER (dz). HUMANS and rarely dogs. doxy or enrofloxacin to clear infeciton and azythromycin (cat scratch is controlled by the DEA) (ran over a cat with my biCYCLE and got smitten with cat scratch)
what does brucella abortus cause? in who? virulence?abortion in cattle, RARE in horse. 100% VIRULENCE!
are brucella zoonotic?YES! all but B. ovis are. (Bruce got brucella and Francis got Franciella)
who does B. abortus, B. melitensis, B. ovis , B. canis, and B. suis affect?cattle (horse rare), goat, sheep, dog, pig
if I say brucella, you think...abortion (+orchitis, epididitis, etc)
how do you treat brucella canis? vx??No vx (why its stillsuch a big deal), treated with doxy and streptomycin (bruce has a doxin with strep, she got sick because of the stress of her abortion)
resivour for leptospira?rats are reservoirs and can shed bacteria throughout their lifetime
how do you control leptospira? is there a vx? tx?rodent control. old bacterin type vx, new subunit vx for dogs (vx should contain Ags of local serovars). tx with penicillin and TC! (vaccinate against lepto with a spiral shaped needle. tx TC (should know this from other set) and spiral shaped pen too)
tx for leptospira?penicillin, streptomycin, TCs; doxy to eliminate carrier state (LepTospira Tetracyclines. also penicillin because i have a pen shaped like a spiral)
where does leptospira like to hang out?KIDNEY
is leptospira zoonotic?YES
leptospira symptoms(/ species) for cow/pig?Fever, anemia, icterus, hemoglobinuria, infertility, abortion/weak offspring (L. hardjo for cows) (L. pomona and L. icterohaemorrhagiae for cows AND pigs). **pig= leptospira+erysipelas vx
leptospira symptoms(/ species) involved for dog?Acute: fever hemorrhages, icterus, death (L. icterohaemorrhagiae). Less acute: anemia, anorexia, hepatitis, fever (L. icterohaemorrhagiae). Uremic: chronic interstitial nephritis causing oliguria, anuria, renal failure (L. canicola)
leptospira symptoms involved for cat?VERY RARE infection, dz not seen
leptospira symptoms(/ species) involved for horse?Uncommon; abortion, periodic ophthalmia → blindness (“moon blindness”) (L. bratislava)
What causes moon blindness? in who?HORSES, from leptospira (bratislava) (bratwurst in your eye will make you blind)
leptospira symptoms in humans?rare orchitis and flu-like symptoms


Question Answer
describe appearance of mycoplasma, how do you stain it?lack cell wall, giemsa stain, pleomorphic-- fried-egg appearance, spiral or filament
how do you treat mycoplasma?TC*, tylosin, erythromycin, tiamulin, lincomycin, spectinomycin, enrofloxacin
is there a mycoplasma vx?for gallisepticum, and M. hyopneumoniae
what are the main organ targets for mycoplasma? which ARENT?resp, joints, mammary, urogenital. DOES NOT DO WOUND INFECTIONS
what does mycoplasma cause in cows? (what species of bact?)contagious bovine pleuropneumonia (CBPP), AND calf pneumonia, AND mastitis/genital infections. Caused by M. bovis (mostly) (but could be M. dispar or M. mycoides mycoides)
what causes CBPP? in who?in cows (contagious bovine pleuropneumonia)
how do you treat the various diseases caused by m. bovis?CBPP= cull. Mastitis= cull. Genital infections= intrauterine TC + oral ABs in semen extender. (calf pneumonia= florfenicol and tilmicosin)
what does MAKePS stand for? who does it affect? what causes it? who do you tx it? (mastitis, arthritis, keratitis, pneumonia, septicemia) in goats. M. agalactiae. TC, cull mastitis animals
what does M. agalactiae cause? in who? tx?MAKePS (mastitis, arthritis, keratitis, pneumonia, septicemia) in goats. TC, cull mastitis animals
what does M. capricolum capripneumoniae cause? in who?contagious caprine pleuropneumonia (CCPP). in goats.
what is CCPP? in who? caused by? contagious caprine pleuropneumonia. Goats. M. capricolum.
what disease causes Hepatocized lung?CCPP= contagious caprine pleuropneumonia.
How do you treat CCPP? Are there vx?cull affected and any in-contact animals. Vx can be used. Abx TC, tylosin, tiamulin (not recommended to use).
M. hyopneumoniae causes what in who? signs? tx?PIGS! enzootic (within a particular district or season) pneumonia-all ages worldwide. Signs= coughing. poor growth, post-mortum has consolidation of apical cardiac lobes. Tx= tylosin, lincomycin, TC, tiamulin. Vx= poor protection and prevention by devoloping SPF herds (specific pathogen free)
what does M. gallisepticum cause, in who? tx?chronic resp dz (CRD) in chickens; infectious sinusitis (IS) in turkeys. tylosin in water or egg dip; heat eggs
what causes chronic resp dz (CRD) in chickens; infectious sinusitis (IS) in turkeys? tx?M. gallisepticum. tylosin in water or egg dip; heat eggs
what does M. meleagridis cause? in who? tx?air sacculitis and skeletal abnormalities in turkeys. tiamulin in water for 1st 10 days of life prophy; egg dip
what does M. felis cause?conjunctivitis
what does M. haemofelis cause? in who? tx?feline infectious anemia. TC, fluoroquinolones, blood transfusion; flea control
which mycoplasma affect horses? (rare)M. felis (pneumonia, pleuritis) M. equigenitalium (abortion)
How do you treat obligate intracellulars?TCs!!!
what does Rickettsia rickettsii cause? in who? symptoms?RMSF (rocky mt. Spotted fever)- humans, dogs. NECROTIZING VASCULITIS!
rocky mt. Spotted fever caused by what, and affects who? main symptom?Rickettsia rickettsii, humans and dogs. NECROTIZING VASCULITIS!
how is Rickettsia rickettsii (dz?) spread?rocky mt spotted fever- TICK BITES and aerosolized tick feces (tick infected rodents can be a vector too)
how do you treat rocky mt spotted fever? (name sp.) is there a vx?rickettsia rickettsii, NO VX, TCs and tick prevention
where do you find rickettsia rickettsii? how do you diagnose? is it zoonotic?americas only. IS ZOONOTIC, DO NOT CULTURE IN CLINIC! Diagnose by history of tick bite, symptoms
symptoms of rocky mt spotted fever?Dog: hyperemia, edema, petechial hemorrhages, fever. Human: fever, headache, “black measles” rash.
Ehrlichia canis causes what? In who? how is it transmitted?canine monocytic ehrlichiosis (CME) (usually monocytes), aka canine hemorrhagic fever. Dogs. TRANSMTTED VIA TICK BITE
what is CME (meaning?) caused by?canine monocytic ehrlichiosis (aka canine hemorrhagic fever) caused by Ehrlichia canis.
symptoms of CME?***can appear as multiple myeloma but its not! (cancer Acute: 1-3 weeks post infection, fever, anorexia, lymphadenopathy, bleeding, pale m.m.s, thrombocytopenia (tcp); (There is also a Subclinical with no signs and Clinical, has bone marrow suppression)
How do you dx ehrlichia canis?SNAP test (NO GROWTH ON AGAR) (can do the same for E. ewingii, cant tell the SNAPs apart for the two of them, though.)
What does E. ewingii cause? in who?DOGS- Canine granulocytic ehrlichiosis (CGE) (usually neutrophils) (ewingii has a g in it, so affects granulocytes)
is Ehrlichia canis zoonotic?Technically, no. But there may be cross talk between strains.
is Ehrlichia ewingii zoonotic?yes
is there a vx for E. canis or ewingii? tx?no vx. ALL GIBSONS YOU TX WITH TCs
how do you diagnose E. ewingii? (aka?)aka CGE (canine granulocytic ehrlichiosis)-- can diagnose via SNAP test (but cant tell apart this SNAP from the E. canis one!)
where is E. canis endemic? E. ewingii?canis is, like, everywhere. ewingii is mostly SE US
what does E.ruminantium cause? in who? symtoms?Hydropericardium, aka heartwater dz, ruminants. symptoms incld Vasculitis, hydropericardium (edema around pericardium) hydrothorax-- acute has a high mortality.
what causes heartwater disease, aka hydropericardium? How is it transmitted? where is it endemic? Ehrlichia ruminantium. TICK BITE (often spread by cattle egrets). In the Caribbean and Africa
what does Neorickettsia helminthoeca cause? in who? zoonotic?Salmon poisoning dz in dogs. No cats. NOT zoonotic (no evidence).
what causes salmon poisoning disease?neorickettsia helminthoeca
symptoms of salmon poisoning dz? how do you diagnose? severe intestinal hemorrhaging, lymphadenopathy, death in 90% of untreated animals. diagnose by determining endemic area, if they ate FISH, eggs in feces, blood shows trematode there. NO SNAP TEST
how is Neorickettsia helminthoeca transmitted?Dogs eat infected raw/undercooked/smoked fish. XMTTED BY TREMATODE WORM NOT TICKS OR SNAILS. (helminth=worm)
Does salmon poisoning dz have a vx? what is the tx?NO vx. use TCs!
What does Neorickettsia risticii cause? in who? How is it transmitted?Potomac horse fever. transmitted via TREMATODES and then the horse EATS INSECTS BY ACCIDENT to get it.
what is potomac horse fever caused by? is there a vx? is it zoonotic?neorickettsia risticii. there is a vx but effectiveness is dependent on strain. not zoonotic.
what does Wolbachia pipientis cause? in who? how is it caused/transmitted?heartworm dz-dog, cat (worse). It has a symbiotic relationship with heartworm (dirofilaria), Surface protein released from dead/dying heartworms, causes inflammation and Ag-Ab complexes.
how is Wolbachia pipientis treated? what is special about it? is it zoonotic?use TCs (doxy) and it hurts wolbachia and the worm too-- see dec in nematode health AND clinical signs! not zoonotic
Anaplasma phagocytophilum affects what animals? what does it cause in general?horse, cat, dog. Granulocytic anaplasmosis-many spp (affects neutrophils!!)
Anaplasma phagocytophilum in dogs causes what? where? how do you diagnose?canine granulocytic anaplasmosis. US, Brazil, Slovakia. Dx Morulae in neutrophils of blood and joint fluid, IFA, ELISA, PCR, culture
Anaplasma phagocytophilum in dogs has what symptoms?Fever, anorexia, lethargy, immune suppression, mild tcp, occasional polyarthritis
Anaplasma phagocytophilum in horses causes what? where? how do you diagnose?Equine granulocytic anaplasmosis. US, Canada, Europe. Dx Inclusion bodies in blood films, IFA
Anaplasma phagocytophilum in horses has what symptoms?Fever, depression, limb edema, ataxia, jaundice, petechial hemorrhages, leukopenia
Anaplasma phagocytophilum in cats causes what? where? symptoms? how do you diagnose?Feline anaplasmosis; US, Europe. same symptoms as dogs (Fever, anorexia, lethargy, immune suppression, mild tcp, occasional polyarthritis). dx PCR, culture, ELISA, IFA
how is Anaplasma phagocytophilum transmitted? is there a vx? is it zoonotic? unique thing about it?Ixodes tick bites. no vx. IS zoonotic. unique- steals chlosterol from host's body
what does Anaplasma marginale cause, in who?Gall sickness or bovine anaplasmosis of erythrocytes (USUALLY OLDER COWS MORE AFFECTED)
what causes Gall sickness? in who?Anaplasma marginale in cows
how is Anaplasma marginale transmitted? is there a vx?usually transmitted by ticks OR iatrogenic with re-use of needles for vx. There is a vaccine.
what does Anaplasma platys cause? in who? how is it transmitted?Canine anaplasmosis of platelets( platys sounds like “platelets”) via TICK bite
how do you diagnose Anaplasma platys (symptoms) ? how do you treat? is there a vx?usually asymptomatic, you can NOT CULTURE. tx with vx
canine anaplasmosis of platelets is caused by what?anaplasma platys
Coxiella burnetii causes what in who? is it zoonotic? how is it transmitted?Q (query) fever in humans; carried by ruminants, can lead to abortion-- their Placenta and body fluids are infective. **CAN LAST MONTHS IN THE ENVIRO
how do you treat coxiella burnetii? vx?Tcs and vx; *can last for months in environment