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Question Answer
How do you diagnose E. coli?culture, agglu of fecal cultures, quantitative culture for urine. *MUST DO SENSITIVITY TESTING.
treatment of E. coli?FOR DIARRHEA, fluids, electrolytes. IF SPEPTIC, IV abx. FOR MASTITIS, local (ointments). WITH ANY ANTIBIOTIC, MUST DO SENSITIVITY TESTING.
is there a vx for E. coli?for pigs and cattle
What causes porcine neonatal diarrhea?E. coli (subsp. ETEC)
What causes post-weening diarrhea and edema dz?E. coli (subsp. STEC)
What causes Hemorrhagic colitis, hemolytic-uremic syndrome?DZ IN HUMANS. Hamburger dz. E. coli (SHIGA TOXIN)
What causes Hamburger Dz (hemorrhagic colitis)? (organism and more specific)E. coli (0157:H7) due to shiga toxin
What causes White scours? Species it affects?E. coli in cattle.
What causes COLIFORM mastitis in cows?E. coli
#1 cause of septicemia in cows and horses?E. coli
Farcy is what?cutaneous form of Burkholderia mallei (glanders)
what causes watery mouth, in what species?sheep, E. coli
What does E. coli cause in dogs/cats?UTI, pyometria
6 bacteria likely to be treated with TCs? (see other card set)Yersinia, Franciella, Brucella, Leptospira, Borellia, Chlamydophila (Tetracyclines-- francis and bruce plague me, they wont lept me alone, i dont like them because theyre boring and have chlamydia)
4 bacteria UNlikely to be treated with TCs? (see separate card set)Salmonella, Burkholderia, Camphylobacter jejuni, H. pylori (salmon dont like when you camp because you hold off their fun and give them ulcers)
8 bacteria which can cause abortion? (see separate card set)salmonella, histophilus somni, actinobacillus equuli, Taylorella equigenitalis, brucella, campylobacter, leptospria, Coxiella burnetii
5 mastitis causing bacteria?Klebsiella pneumoniae, Mycoplasma bovis, Mycoplasma agalactiae (goats MAKePS), E. coli from coliform mastitis, Mannheimia haemolytica (sheep blue bag)
what does Klebsiella pneumoniae cause in horses? cows? dogs? Birds?H-metritis (horses feel like theyre getting a club up their vag), C-mastitis(feel like their udder is being beat by a club), D-UTI/otitis. B-resp. infection, septicemia, diarrhea
(How do you treat klebsiella pneumoniae?)gentamicin and amikacin in horse; polymyxin in cow mastitis (kleb the horse in the vag until it yells ""GA!", but clubbing a cow in the udder just mixes them up- theyre not very bright)
(virulence factor of klebsiella? what kind of pathogen are they?)thick mucoid capsule. opportunistic commensal of GIT
non-specific to host species of salmonella?typhimurium
if i say typhoid, you think...salmonella
(name host for Salmonella...Cholerasuis, Pullorum, Galinarum, Typhi?)pigs, chicks, adult birds, humans only
What is salmonelosis?cyanosis of extermities/ destruction of capillaries
symptoms of salmonella?Diarrhea in enteritis; fever, depression, death in septicemia, with ABORTION!! in pregnant females, salmonelosis
best way to control salmonella? tx?prevent exposure (reduce stress, avoid oral Abs) give septic horses antiserum IV, give gentamicin or TMS for systemic dz (I don't want to not be gentle, but there are Too Much Salmons)
is there a vx for salmonella?no good vx
what does Proteus vulgaris/mirabilis cause, in who?UTI in dogs, wound infection in mult species (proteus takes advantage of your lost proteins (wounds) and its vulgar going up the urethra)
tx of proteus?Sensitivity tests req, usu susceptible to enrofloxacin or gentamicin ( Ge I love proteins)
(what does Proteus vulgaris/mirabilis look like in culture?)swarming
Dz (general) of Yersinia pestis? affects who?THE PLAGUE! humans and feline, sometimes dog FROM a cat
Dz's (specific) of Yersinia pestis?Bubonic: enlarged lymph nodes, fever. Septicemic: acute, gangrene. Pneumonic: follows septicemic form, lung infection.
how is yersinia pestis spread?rodents and fleas
tx of yersinia pestis?TCs and chloramphenicol, flea control, rodent control
if you are treating a cat for yesinia pestis, when do you send it home?NOT UNTIL FULLY RECOVERED
(Yersinia enterocolitca causes what? in who? carrier?)enteritis in dogs and humans, swine is a common carrier
What does shigella cause, and in who? how?NOT SHIGELLOSIS! DYSENTERY! It affects PEOPLE!! Shiga toxin produced.
Pseudomonas aeruginosa causes what in...all? dog/cat? horse? sheep? mink? rabbits? snakes?ALL GET WOUND INFECTIONS. dog and cat= otitis/UTI/keratits pneumonia. Horses=genital infection, ulcerative keratitis. Sheep=fleece rot/green wool dz. mink=hemorrhagic pneumonia. Rabbit= Blue fur dz. Snakes= necrotic stomatits.
what causes ulcerative keratitis+ genital infection in horse?Pseudomonas aeruginosa (green horse eyes rotting out)
what causes fleece rot/ green wool dz in sheeps?Pseudomonas aeruginosa (rotting green- and psuedomonas is green.)
what causes hemorrhagic pneumonia in mink?Pseudomonas aeruginosa (bleed green from mink noses)
what causes blue fur dz in rabbits?Pseudomonas aeruginosa (turns things green or blue apparently)
what causes necrotic stomatits in snakes?Pseudomonas aeruginosa (snakes are green like this bacteria. lol)
What kind of pathogen is Pseudomonas aeruginosa? predisposing factors?opportunistic following injury. can be a saphrophyte. predisposing= burns
are there vx for pseudomonas? what is the tx?Vx for mink; prevent predisposing factors (stress, wet, etc); oral gentamicin or amikacin; topical polymyxin B. for external otitis enroflox. and silver sulfa diazine. (The only time Ami was Gentle with me was when I got pseudomonas--my mind was mixed up for sure)
what causes glanders? in who?horses, Burkholderia mallei
what does Burkholderia mallei cause? in who? where?horses, glanders. erdicated in N. america, it's in middle east/africa
how do you test for glanders?intrapalpebral mallelin test.
how do you treat glanders? Vx?No tx; euthanize; no vx
what does Actinobacillus ligniersii cause?Wooden tongue
what is wooden tongue caused by?actinobacillus ligniersii
what causes Sleepy foal dz in young foals?actinobacillus equuli
what causes shigellosis in older foals?actinobacillus equuli (NOT SHIGELLA)
what does actinobacillus equuli cause?sleepy foal dz in young foals, shigellosis in older foals, also septicemia in young foals
how do you treat actinobacillus equuli?gentamicin and tetracyclines (sleepy shigellosis septicemia GeT out!!!) (cant be sleepy on a biCYCLe)
how is actinobacillus suis transmitted? how do you treat it?mom to baby via umbillicus. Tx: Autogenous bacterin vx may help; treat w/ ampicillin and TMS (pigs say: "Too Much Shit? Actinobacillus Amps me up!")
what does Pastuerella multocida cause in bird, cattle, rabbit, pig, dog, cat?bird= fowl cholera. cattle= hemorrhagic septicemia/pneumonic dz. rabbit= snuffles. pig= atrophic rhinitis and pneumatic dz. dog/cat= wound infections
what causes snuffles? in who?in rabbits, caused by pastuerella multocida (snuffle because allergic to the plants in the pasture)
what can cause atrophic rhinitis in pigs?pastuerella multocida (and bordetella bronchiseptica!)
what causes hemorrhagic septicemia in cattle, and where is this often (world location) a problem?pasturella multocida in tropics. (of course the cows would bleed out in a pasture)
what causes fowl cholera? where in the world is this a problem, and how is it transmitted?pasturella multocida. wild birds infect domestic flocks in N america (cauliflower pastures)
is pasturella multocida zoonotic?possibly zoonotic if bitten or scratched by dog or cat (pets come in from the pasture and scratch you-- oh no)
what does Mannheimia haemolytica cause in cows? sheep? dogs/cats?cows= shipping dz. sheep= blue bag mastitis. dags/cat= NOTHING.
what causes shipping disease in who? symptoms?Mannheimia haemolytica. cattle. Pneumonia, dyspnea, septicemia, death. **cranial ventral lobe of lung most affected
what causes blue bag in who?Mannheimia haemolytica. sheep. acute mastitis (maneheim steamroller rolled over their bag)
virulence factors of mannheimia haemolytica?Capsule, endotoxin, and leukotoxin
is there vx for mannheimia haemolytica? tx?Subunit vx (NOT for sheep or goat); oxyTC, TMS, ceftiofur, or florfenicol if no live vx; reduce transport stress (steamroller is on OXYs...the TMS ceftflower) (the steamroller moves in CYCLES) (weird, you can vaccinate against a steamroller)
Are there vx for pasturella multocida? for who?vx partially effective in cattle; live attenuated vx in water for cholera; bacterin vx for pigs. Note- for cattle vx, strains depend on geographic area
Francisella tularensis affects what animals to cause what diseases? where in the world is it a problem?rabbits= Tularemia/rabbit fever, esp dangerous to cats, deer fly fever... endemic in N Amer wildlife, esp rabbits. Opportunistic.
what causes rabbit fever?francisella tularensis
vx for Francisella tularensis? tx?NO! tx= TCs, fluoroquinolones; tick control; prevent hunting by dogs, cats; MLV for humans at risk (TCs Tuleremia)
is Francisella tularensis zoonotic?yes (my neighbor Francis got Francisella)
what does Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae cause, in who?Contagious pleuropneumonia-pigs (ACT like a PIG, get pneumonia)
how do you treat Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae?Bacterins decrease mortality; tiamulin; neg test for new pigs before introduction to herd. If not early, cull. (Drink some tia if you got pneumonia--but if it's too late, you're dead anyway)
what does Haemophilus parasuis cause? how common is this?glassiers dz in pigs-- emerging dz means it is becoming more common
what causes glassiers dz?haemophilus parasuis (around (para) the pig is glass-which it eats and then bleeds out)
vx for glassiers?Bacterins in problem herds (you can vaccinate against glass? also weird.)
what does Histophilus somni cause? in who?ITEME (Infectious Thrombo-Embolic Meningo-Encephalitis), resp dz, abortion-cattle (sleep items--or sleep tiems)
what causes ITEME?infectious thrombo-embolic meningo-encephalitis. caused by histophilus somni.
tx for ITEME? is there a vx?OxyTC early; test bulls and monitor herds; vx ONLY reduces morbidity and mortality (ITEME TCs) (you can vaccinate against an item!)
what does Taylorella equigenitalis cause?CEM (contagious equine metritis)
what causes CEM (contagious equine metritis)?taylorella equigenitalis
How do you test for CEM?Repeated cultures (at least 3 times) and PCR
is there a vx for CEM? what is the tx?No vx, chlorhex irrigation, ampicillin, gentamicin, penicillin, test stallions (get infected in their GAP lol. I'd feel hexed too if i had to get a douche of meds--esp if there was no Vx to prevent it in the first place, which is why they cull them in japan)
is CEM zoonotic? where is it?NOT zoonotic (you wont get sick from touchin the horse pussy). Canada free, us rare, CULL IN JAPAN.
what does Bordetella bronchiseptica cause?dogs= kennel cough. pigs=atrophic rhinitis. cats=bronchopneumonia.
what causes kennel cough?Bordetella bronchiseptica
symptoms of kennel cough for dogs? pigs? cats?DOGS=Weightloss, coughing, retching for 2-3 wks; PIGS=AR: +/- P. multocida (AR may also have P. multocida) (Bordetella and pasturella rhyme) CATS= cyanosis, death in young cats.
tx for kennel cough? is there a vx?TMS, TC, or enrofloxacin if cough is persistent; vx (combo) available (I thought I TET you better, vaccinate those puppies before boarding them!)
what does Bordetella avium cause?turkey coryza (Cory the Turkey was BORED)
what does Moraxella bovis cause?pink eye/IBKC (infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis)
what causes pink eye/IBKC in cattle?moraxella bovis
how is moraxella bovis transmitted? virulence factors?transmitted by flies; UV light and tall grass perpetuates dz. HAS PILLI!!!
Is there a vx for IBKC? how can you help avoid getting it? medicine? who do you esp. want to be mindful of?Pilus vx= piliguard; protect diseased animals from sun and dust; control flies; penicillin or parenteral oxyTC. Almost always vx preg cows (so in colostrum) (pink biCYCLe with a PEN attached)
Campylobacter fetus venerealis causes what in who?cattle, Endometritis, abortion
is there a vx for Campylobacter fetus venerealis?yes (you can avoid camping)
what does C. coli cause? in who? how does it spread?Enteritis-humans. poultry carry but not affected ( eating Chicken Coli)
what does Lawsonia intracellularis cause? in who?Porcine intestinal adenomatosis (PIA)--- garden hose gut.
what causes PIA (porcine intestinal adenomatosis)? aka?aka garden hose gut. caused by lawsonia intracellularis (I pia out my garden hose DICK. Then i got arrested because whipping it out in public is breaking the law)
is there a vx for PIA/lawsonia intracellularis? what is the tx? prevention?MLV oral vx in US decreases morbidity (who would have thought youd have a vaccination against a garden; tylosin and gentamicin to treat; tylosin proph in feed (To defeat the garden hose you TY it into a knot, dont be GENTle)
Helicobacter causes what in who? how is it transmitted? Gastric ulcers in primates (H. pylori); gastritis in cats/dogs (H felis) (H. heilmanni) all three cause gastritis in cats. people get it by kissing cats.
how would you treat helicobacter?Metronidazole, amoxicillin, clarithromycin or TC + bismuth (you could get an ulcer from eating a big MAC, and you try to feel better by going cycling and eating bismuth)
what does Brachyspira hyodysenteriae cause?swine dysentery (did you call me a swine? HYYYOOOO)
what causes swine dysentery? how do you treat it?Brachyspira hyodysenteriae. tx= tylosin. Can get SPF (specific pathogen free) herd by antibiotic treatment. (i say HYOOOO to tyson, last week he brach his hand)
how is swine dysentery/brachyspira hyodysenteriae spread?can survive up to 2 months on feces-contaminated fence. (no wonder you can get dysentery from everything in oregon trail)
what does Borrelia burgdorferi cause? in who? xmitted? main symptoms?lyme dz in DOGS AND HUMANS. xmitted by ticks. mostly polyarthritis. (Lyme dz in the burgs, yo)
how do you diagnose borrelia burgdorferi? how do you tx? is there a vx?Hx of tick bites, serology. VX=Bacterin (old) or ospA vx (new); doxy for 4 weeks; tick control. Earlier the tx, the better. (Lime goes with T-Cilla aka tequilla--I'll need 4 after this exam)
what causes lyme dz?borrelia burgdorferi
Fusobacterium necrophorum causes what? in who?Calf diphtheria; bovine ruminitis-liver abscess complex (BRLAC); foot rot-sheep