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Our founding fathers gifted us a clear message -- that all men are created equal, that we possess certain unalienable rights -- Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. When bullies, tyrants and despots seek to take away basic human rights, they replace liberty and happiness with hopelessness and misery. There are 15 million Uyghur people living in western China, and they are the ancestors of Turkish people. As I speak to you right now, Chinese officials and their security apparatus are actively persecuting, incarcerating, torturing and oppressing the Uyghurs. I believe that the inhumane treatment of the Uyghur people by the Chinese government must be stopped.
  If the police showed up at Punahou and dragged me away, I know my parents, teachers and all of you would show up at the police station demanding an explanation of why I was taken. However, in far western China, where the Uyghurs have lived for 2000 years, they are being abducted from their homes and as they walk down the street by government agents. If friends or family members go ask the police what happened, they will also be arrested for asking what happened. There are 75 reasons Uyghurs can be arrested, such as wearing a watch on the wrong wrist, standing with their legs spread apart, walking too fast or too slow.
If you saw an 8th grader beating up a 1st grader, wouldn't you yell, “Stop!” ??? For the same reason, the United States government should tell China to STOP the inhumane treatment of the Uyghur people.
Why is China allowed to hurt Uyghurs? Three reasons. First, other governments, including ours, are afraid of the Chinese government. As the second largest economy in the world, the idea of no longer buying inexpensive goods from China or not being able to sell goods and services to China is
  SCARY. The U.S. is $1.2 trillion dollars in debt to China, or 19 percent of the U.S. Treasury. ( Trade is a very big deal! Tragically, governments of the world, including ours, are afraid of bringing up China’s human rights abuses for fear of upsetting the Chinese government.
The second reason, money. The Chinese government is either making low interest loans, investing in large infrastructure projects or purchasing government bonds in many countries around the world. The money coming from China is buying the silence of world leaders. For example, last year, Egypt deported more than 60 Uyghur students back to China, where they were imprisoned, tortured and at least two graduate students died in police custody.(2 Uyghur Students Die) Now, China is funding a large new development project in Cairo. (Egypt To Build) Simply put, China is bribing politicians around the world.
Third, not enough people know or care about this issue. That is why the Chinese government can arrest a respected Uyghur professor of economics like Ilham Tohti, not feed him any food for 10 days straight, and then sentence him to life in prison. (People’s Republic). People just don’t know what’s going on in Xinjiang province. I do not take a wishy washy position when it comes to the Chinese government’s inhumane and criminal treatment of the Uyghur people. My Uyghur grandparents have visited Hawaii many times. When me, my sister and my brother were born, they came here to Hawaii to show their love and to help my parents. Now, the Chinese government has confiscated all passports issued to Uyghurs (Hand in Passports, Financial Times). My grandparents can no longer come and visit; they cannot come and see how great my new school is.
The inhumane treatment of the Uyghur people by the Chinese government must be stopped. In my opinion, the solution can begin with each one of us. By being aware and informing others, we can impact and shape public opinion. Only by standing together for what is right can we bring justice and hope not only to Uyghurs, but to the whole world.