B7 part two

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All mammals -Double circulatory system
Blood travels through the heart Twice - sent to lungs and rest of the body
What does blood carry to molecules Glucose - all cells respire and need supply of dissolved food and oxygen
What does blood carry away Wastes e.g. Carbon dioxide

Section 2

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Plasma is what Liquid part of the blood
What does it transport Nutrients , antibodies ,hormones ,waste
White blood cells Have a nucleus -different shapes - part of body's immune system
Platelets Tiny particles found in blood plasma -when a blood vessel is damaged these are triggered to form a clot to preent blood from leaving the body
Red blood cells Transport oxygen from lungs- have no nucleus - more space to be packed with haemoglobin wihich binds with oxygen to make oxyhaemoglobin -bi concave shape -larger surface are for oxygen exchange

Section 3

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Blood flows at a High pressure in the arteries
Blood reaches its destination viaArterioles
By the time blood reaches capillary bed it is at High pressure which forces blood plasma out - leaves the capillary and becomes tissue fluid
Tissue fluid acts a what Bridge in diffusion of chemicals
Oxygen and glucose Diffuse from blood into tissues to cells
Urea and co2Diffuse from cells into tissue fluid and then into blood