B Vitamins

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B1 - ThiamineAids the conversion of food into energy. Helps the nervous and cardiovascular systemWheat germ, brewer's yeast, beef, pork, peas, beans, soy beansFatigue, forgetfulness, numbness and tingling of the extremities1-5mg
B2 - RiboflavinAids growth and reproduction. Helps metabolise fats, carbohydrates and proteins. Promotes healthy skin and nailsChicken liver, kidneys, milk, cheese, fish, eggs, leafy green vegetablesPhotosensitivity, dermatitis, dandruff1.7mg
B3 - NiacinHelps achieve balance in the nervous system and plays an important role in the synthesis sex hormones, thyroxine, cortisone and insulinFish, peanuts, poultry, marmite, wheat germ and rice branDepression, anxiety, poor concentration20mg
B5 - Pantothenic AcidMaintenance of growth and development of the central nervous system. Also helps in cell building and repair. Promotes the formation of hormones and antibodies. One of it's important roles is that it is needed for the conversion of fat and sugar into energyGreen vegetables, lamb's liver, whole grains, mushrooms, wheat germ, fish, peanuts and marmiteDeficiency plays a major role in the onset of arthritis. Malfunction of the adrenal gland causing irritability, nervous headaches and stressfulness2mg
B6 - PyridoxineHelps in the utilisation of proteins and metabolism of fats. Also responsible for the production of red blood cells and antibodiesBeef, bananas, eggs, chicken, marmite, brown rice, soy beans, whole wheat, peanuts and walnutsanemia, digestive problems, fatigue, nervousness, dry skin. Disorders of the nervous and immune systems2mg
Folic AcidHelps to form red blood cells and genetic material. Acts as an antioxidantGreen vegetables, kidney beans, orange juiceFatigue, depression, can cause anemia and birth defects in pregnant women400mg
B12 - CyanocobalaminEssential for normal functioning of body cells, particularly those of bone marrow, nervous system, digestive tract. Necessary for the formation of red blood cellsEggs, fish, lamb's liver, kidneys, milkCan result in pernicious anemia100mcg
Para-Amenobenzoic Acid (PABA)Enables other B Vitamins to function properly. Important in forming red blood cellsBrocoli, cabbage, kale, lamb's liver, kidneysDepression, fatigue, irritability, digestive disorders500mcg