Axial skeleton

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Question Answer
hypoglossal canalsnerves pass to control tongue
occipital condyles articulate with 1st vertebrae
Superior and inferior temporal linesattachment site for temporalis muscle
Supraciliary archessupport brows frontal
Frontal crestposterior view membrane to protect brain contact
Mandibular FossaDepression for mandible
articular tubercleelevated site for mandible
tympanic partsurrounds external acoustic meatis
petrous partprotects hearing and balance
mastoid foramenback of temporal bone for blood to membranes
styloid processmuscles attach to hyloid bone, tongue, larynx
stylomastoid foramenback of styloid, between mastoid controls facial nerves
Anterior clinoid processfront of sella turica, rider grasps
tuberculum sellae dorsum sallae front and back borders of sadle
superior orbital fissure blood and nerves to eyes
Optic canalnerve to brain from eye
Cribriform platesuperior of ethmoid, olfactory cells attach, with crista galli separating left and right
incisive canalssmall arteries and nerves
infraorbital canalsmajor sensory to face
nasal crestconnects left and right connects vomer
Condylar processarticulates with TMJ
Coronoid processconnection of temporalis muscle
submandibular fossasubmandibular salivary gland
mandibular fossanerves to lower jaw
Spinous processlong tip at end
vertebral foramenspinal cord
transverse foramenarteries and vies to brain
Lamina bridges spinous process
superior process and facetconnections of bones
transverse costal facetarticulates with tubercles of ribs