Aviation Terminology

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BulkheadA wall on board the aircraft
Block-inaircraft breaks are released
Block-outAircraft comes to a stop and the breaks are set
Comat/ComailCompany material/Company mail
Ditchingemergency landing in water

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DescentDownward motion preperation for landing
FuselageBody of aircraft minus wings and tail
Ferry FlightOnly crew flying on A/C
LayoverTo stay over at a base other than your own
Sterile FlightNo movement with Flight Deck under 10,000 ft
TaxiAircraft moving on its own power while its on the ground
RONRemain over night
PlacardsIntructional signs posted in a aircraft
Pre-Flight check Check performed by F/A to make sure emergency equipment are in proper working order

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HazmatChemical compounds
LoadTotal number passengers
Deplaneleaving the aircraft after the termination of the flight
DonTo put on
Evacuationimmediately leaving the aircraft in a emergency situation

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FAA Badge name110-A
Security check , by TSAAirplane first flight of the day, A/C left unattendant, International Departure/Arrival, Return from maintanance
Extended Tarmac Delay Plan (EDK)90 min-bev & snack, 120 min Lavetory break, 135 min initiate a gate return, 3 hrs domestic
passengers may deplane, 4 hrs International passengers may deplane