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What type of virus is Newcastle Dz?Paramyxovirus type 1
Why is New castle dz importantIt's a sigx threat to the poultry industry worldwide
What are the three strains of Newcastle dz?Lentogenic, Mesogenic, Velogenic/VVND
Whta's sigx about VVND?it's Reportable
What are the GI lz of Newcastle?Proventricular, S.I, cecal , hge / ulcers
What are the CNS lz of Newcastle?Encephalitis
Repro lz of Newcastle?Hge ova
skin/ocular lz of Newcastle?facial/eyelid edema, hge in conjunctiva/skin
How do you diagx the VVND form?qVI, PCR, ELISA,CS, History
How do you tx Newcastle dz?Tx symptomatically although this is not advised
How is Newcastle transmitted?Resp aerosols, fecal contx of food/water, direct contact, and fomites
What should you do if you suspect a VVND case?Quarantine 5km area of outbreak and depop/vax
How do you prevent it?Vax is prohibited in birds entering USA

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What kind of virus is the Avian influenza?Orthomyxovirus type A
What are some important features of Avian Flu?it's zoonotic, reportable, and has a strong ability to mutate
Who does avian influenza tend to affect?wild/domestic birds; waterfowl are a natural reservoir
How are the diffx types classified?By pathogenicity; LPAI,MPAI,HPAI
What are the CS of LPAI?Depression, resp signs, decreased egg prodx, mild mortality and yolk peritonitis
What are the CS of HPAI?Sudden death+/- CS, Edema, hge, necrosis, resp dz, repro regression, pulm edema, congestion
How do you diagnose Avian lu?Tracheal/cloacal swabs, ELISA, HA,HI, AGPT
How is Avian flu transmitted?Via bodily exretions, direct/indirect contact, fomites
How to prevent avian flu?Vax are tightly controleed and inactivated
What is the strict biosecurity protocol attched to HPAI?Quarantine==> eradicatioin under govt regulation

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Is Chlamydiophila psittaci zoonotic?Yes and it's also an intracellular organism
What are the CS of Chlamydiophila psittaci?URT, Anorexia, depression, dehydration, dyspnea, hepatomegaly
How do you diagnose Chlamydia psittaci?Culture ocular, liver, URT,Blood,Antigen/Ab testing; ELISA,IFA,PCR
How do you tx Chlamydiophila psittaci?W/ Doxy; need to change the oral formulation so it's specific for IM injx or tx orally
What's the biggest concern for Mycobacterium avium?Secondary infx are of zoonotic concern
What are the CS of M. avium?It affx GI tract, liver, spleen and the secondary infx can range from E.coli, Klebsiella, Pasturella, Aeromonas, Clostridium

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What is unique about Candida albicans?It's an opportunistic pathogen
Who does C.A typically infect?Often the immunosuppressed or young
What are the CS of C.A?Regurgitation, plaques in oral cavity/mucosal
How do you diagnose C.A?Culture
How do you tx C.A?Nystatin topically, post-feed and Chlorohex for group tx
What are the CS of Malssezi?Dermatitis
How do you diagnose MalasezziaHistopath rather than culture
How do you tx Malassezia?Fluconazole 5-10mg/kg PO BID and topx CHX or clotrimazole
How does a bird acquire Aspergillus fumigatus?From inhaled spores- often stressed/immunosuppressed individuals
What are the CS of Aspergillus fumiagatesURT,LRT,Dyspnea, Anorexia, Wt, Loss, weakness
How to diagx aspergillus fumigatus?Titers, protein electrophoresis, elevate B globulins, absolute monocytosis, radiographs, bronchoscopy
How to tx A.F?Itraconazole, Nebulization; if granulomatous dz then no longterm cure- must be sx removed
Who does avian gastric yeast infect?Often the immunosuppress
What are the symptoms of avian gastric yeast infx?Macrohabdosis, chronic wt loss, regurgitation, polyphagia, undigested seeds in stools
How to diagnose Avian Gastric Yeast?Wet mount, gram/wright's stain show large G+ rods w/ mottling or stippling
How do treat avian gastric yeast?supportive, itraconazole, amph B Trichophyton for dermatophytosis

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