Avian Viral Diseases

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What species seem to be most affected by Polyoma? What age groupBudgies, conures, eclectus, macaws. It's typically confined to nestlings
What are the clinical signs of Polyoma virusLethargy, French molt, delayed crop emptying, sudden death, birds remain antibody positive for years
How is Polyoma virus diagx?The necropsy demonstrates INIB, There's a crop/choanal swab for the virus, PCR of birds in the environment
What are some ways to prevent Polyoma virus?PCR/VN of introduced birds, Frequent environmental testing, vax of groups, proper husbandry/quarantine
Who else gets Polyoma?Nestling lovebirds up to 1 yr and cockatoos 4-8 wks old
What kind of virus is PBFD?Circovirus
In what species is PBFD common Lovebirds/eclectus parrots; French molt in budgies, acute infx in nestling cockatoos and fatal in African Grays
What are the CS of PBFD?Chronic progressive dz in birds ? 10 mos of age; starts w/ lack of beak down powder==>feather loss==>abnormal pin feathers==fracture/necrosis of distal beak and esposure of bone; most die in a year
How is PBFD related to Polyoma virus?It's often a concurrent infx w/ polyomavirus
How do you diagx PBFD?Gross appearance, PCR, Biopsies of affx feather follicles, INIB
How do you tx PBFD?Often requires euthanasia and is highly contagious
How do you prevent PBFD?Proper quarantine/testing before intro into collex

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What kind of virus is Pacheco's disease?It's a Herpesvirus
Who tends to get Pacheco's dz?Amazong parrots, Macaws/conures, AFrican Grey
Who is relatively resistant to Pacheco's dz?Cockatiels/Cockatoos
What is the most common CS of Pacheco's dz?Sudden death
Other clinx signs of Pacheco's dz?Increased ALT, leukopenia, spleno/hepatomegaly
What is the acute dz of Pacheco's dz associated w/?Stress and contact w/ oral secretions/mm contact- some birds become PI
How do you diagx Pacheco's dz?PCR swabs or tissues, enlarged liver/spleen/kidney
How do you tx Pacheco's dz in an outbreakWITH ACYCLOVIR
What increases the risk of transmission of Pacheco's dz?Handling of the birds

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What kind of virus is Fowl Pox?Poxvirus
What are the three forms of fowl pox?Cutaneous(most common), Diptheric, and Acute onset
What are the symptoms of the cutaneous form of FP?Papules, pustules, crusty scabs in unfeathered areas
Does the cutaneous form have a high mortality rate?No, it's self-limiting and spontaneous so it has a low mortality and a 6 wk regression
What are some symptoms of the Diphtheritic form?Blepharitis, chemosis, conjungtivitis, fibrinonecrotic lz on mm or oropharynx / upper resp tract/esophagus
What's the mortality rate like for the Diphtheritic form?High
What are the CS of the Acute onset form of the dz?Depression, cyanosis, anorexia, rapid death
How do you diagx Fowl poxGross lz, Clinx signs, Bollinger's bodies, virus isolation,epidermal hyperplasia
What are Bollinger's bodies?Eosinophilic ICIB
How do you tx FP?No lz tx just supportive care w/ PN Vit A, OPhthalmic ointment, antibx, supplemental feeding, daily cleaning of affx areas
How do you prevent FP?Vector control(mosquitoes)
What kind of virus is Avian Bornavirus/PDD?A Bornavirus
What species are most affx by the PDD?motsly psittacines but also falcoms, geese, most common in agrican grey parrots, macaws, cockatoos
What age group does PDD typx affect?Usually 3-4 yrs but can affx any age up to 17 yo
CS of PDD?Dilaion of proventriculus, anorexia, regurgitation, undigeted seeds in feces, diarrhea, neuro signs, wt loss, death
What are the gross lz of FP?Dilated, thin proventriculus, distended duodenum
What are the micro lz in FP?lymphoplasmacytic ganglioneuritis of splanchnic nerves of crop/esophagus, proventriculus, gizzard, No standardized bornavirus test yet
How do you tx FP?Tx for secondary infx
How do you prevent PDD?Quarantine/remove affx birds, hygiene

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What is WEE?An arbovirus resembling EEE
What is important about WNV?It's REPORTABLE IN US
What species are resistant/immune to WNV?Anseriformes are more resistant hwile wild birds are immune
Who is WNV usually fatal in?Raptors, jays, Crows
What are the symptoms of WNV in the horse?encephalitis, stumbling, head tremors, paralysis/seizures
What are the symptoms of WNV in man?immuno comp/older ppl get it
Symptoms of WNV in birdsADR, anorexia, weight loss, Regurg, neuro signs, sudden death
How do you diagnose WNV?VI/seoloy, PCR
Best way to prevent WNVvector control, vax for horses, geese

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