Avian Therapeutics

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What are the advantages of using PO?convenient in birds on formula, gauvage tube can be used, tablets can be placed in food items
Disadvantages of PO routeWater administration should be avoided
Where would you give SubQ injx in a bird?In the ventrocaudal keel, dorsal base of neck
What are the advantages of giving something SubQused for polyoma vax, fluid admin, stable patient, slow/erratic absorption is acceptable
Is subQ a widely used route in birds?No
Where do you most commonly injx IM on a bird?Pectorals
Advantages of IM routeWidely used, keel protects coelom from inadvertent drug admin, microchips are placed here
Disadvantages of IMAvoid rear limb due to renal portal system
Where do you give IV injx?Medial metatarsal, basilic, jugular, caudal occipital sinus
Disadvantages of IVNot recx for Ca injx, anesthesia is required, fragile vessels, lack of dermal SQ tissues, Px temperament, risks of hematoma
Advantages of IOCan use for slow bolus, CRI, injx, ease of catheter placement(distal ulna of large birds and prox tibiotarsus of small birds)
Disadvantages of IORequires a stylet and vascular access

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What is unique about avian skin in terms of wounds?The skin is aglandular and subject to dessication
When would you give birds steroids?Impact trauma otherwise can lead to immunocompromised state
What are some things that can be given opthalmically?topical antbx
What are some meds that def can't be given opthalmically?Atrophine, nonsteroidals, steroids if hge, hypopyon, aq flare
What are some reasons for bandaging a birdUse for wound protection, fracture dislocation/stabilization, catheter protection/stabilization
How do we bandage the pelvic limb?By bandaging the TARSOETATARSUS and below(ball bandage)
How do we bandage the femur?Cage rest, sx repair upon stabilization
How do we bandage the tibiotarsus?A robert jones splint/bandage, a syringe case, a tape splint
What is a figure 8 bandage?It's a bandage distal to the humerus utilized for fractures, luxations, wounds, catheter stabilization
How do you make a figure 8 bandage?The wing is brought together as a single unit + initial wrap is placed high in axillary region==> normal wing position is maintained; if there's a humeral / more proximal fracture then add a body wrap
What are some things to be cautious of in terms of a figure 8 bandage?It can cause respiratory compromise, carpal jt compromise and joint immobility

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What are some routes for respiratory drugs?Anesthesia, nebulization, direct application
What are some advantages of nebulization?Delivers meds to deep resp tract
When do we start being able to detx dehydration?5-6%
What are the signs of dehydration at 5-6%?subtle tenting, decreased turgor, increased glaze to eyes
CS of dehydration >7%ulnar refill time >1s
CS of 8-10% dehydration?Skin tent of dorsal metatarsus
CS of 10-12% dehydrationDepression, rapid heart beat, enoptalmia
CS of 12-15%moribund, shock, near death
What are some things you should know about fluid therapy?It's almost always indicated: give SQ/Oral, avoid ICEO as there's an airsac system there
How do you calculate dehydration?Est dehydration %* BW=fluid defx
What is the maintenance of a bird?50-100 ml/kg/day
What is the fluid rate in a bird?1/2 dehydration +maintenance over 48 hours