Avian Biochemical Profile

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Question Answer
What is CK specific for?Muscle
What are GGT, GDH for?Liver specific but not very sensitive
ALT,AST (SGPT,SGOT)Liver, muscle
ALKPBone or egg prodx problem; neither liver or muscle
LDHNot sensitive or specific in birds
BilirubinBirds lack bilirubin reductase so this is of no use; if there is an increased icterus in the plasma then it may be due to dietary pigx
Bile acidsHave some predictive value- @80% loss, the values increase
Uric acidMajor nitrogenous waste in birds; 90% is lost via tubular secretion while the other 10% goes to glomerular filtration
When is secretion of uric acid affx?In cases of severe dehydration
What else could elevated uric acid levels be indicative of- other than severe dehydration ?extensive proximal tubular damage, avian PU/PD can compensate
When are elevated uric acid levels found in carnivorous birdsThey're formed right after a meal
BUN/CreatinineBUN may go up in renal dz but CRT appears unrelated to kidney dz
What could low GFR indicate in avians?It could indicate renal dz or a physiological response to water restriction(normal)
What is the most valuable sign of renal dz in birds?Polyuria
What are other DDX for polyuria?DM, Pituitary tumors, infx dz, psychogenic PD