Avian 3

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Lecture 4

Question Answer
how is the kidney divided?NOT LOBES. Cr. Ca. and middle DIVISIONS (divided by arteries) cr and middle separated by exernal iliac. middle and ca separated by ischiadic
collecting system of bird kidney works how?collecting duct forms cone shaped bundle to drain one lobule--> bundles unite to form secondary branch of ureter to drain one "lobe"-->secondary branches join to form primary branch of ureter--> primary branches plug into ureter and head for outside of body
what does bird kidney lack?NO RENAL PELVIS
what can birds do in regards to urine to reclaim more water?after urine from ureter deposited into urodeum, it can be moved via retrograde peristalsis back into rectum/ceca (...dude.)
what is unique about the blood supply to the kidney in a bird? modulatory apparatus? clinical sig?they have a RENAL PORTAL SYSTEM! can filter venous blood of lower body. Amount filtered moderated by renal portal VALVE in COMMON ILIAC (will bypass kidney if this is tight). CLINICALLY, DONT INJECT MEDS INTO LOWER LIMBS (they will just filter it out right away)
testes change how? neutering info?LARGE during breeding season. otherwise small. remove testes for "capron" (capronization) meat at a restaurant.
bird epididimyus is not____?divided into head/body/tail (is very convoluted tho)
ductus deferens are?highly looped
copulatory organ of male bird? types?PHALUS (NOT PENIS) -- protrusible and non-protrusible
non-protrusible phallus parts? how does it work?median phallic tubercle. Lateral phallic bodies. lymphatic folds. (during sex, protrudes slightly from vent. grooves between tubercle and bodies form "semen gutters". pressed against female cloaca.)
protrusible phallus works how?phallic groove spirals around spiral organ to direct semen.
WHICH OVARY/OVIDUCT PERSISTS IN A FEMALE BIRD?THE LEFT STAYS (right degenerates) (The left is left behind when the right leaves)
follicle wall is _________ and ___thin and vascular
follicle is filled with ___ and the baby devolops from what which is where?yolk filled follicle with germinal disc attached to surface
just prior to ovulation, follicle form a what? why?a stigma (avascular zone) where it can tear along this line to ovulate without blood loss.
when does insemination of the egg take place?immediately following ovulation, semen is brought up from "storage tank" in vagina
parts of oviduct, in order?(ovary)--->infundibulum-> magnum-> isthmus->uterus->vagina
what happens in infundibulum?coated with dense layer of albumin called "chalaziferous layer" which later because the chalaza
what is the chalaza, what does it do?thin layer of dense albumin (looks like a little white blob in a cracked egg) which prevents egg from rotating in any direction except for longitudinally.
what happens in the magnum?longest part of oviduct. Secretes albumin (inner more liquid, outer more gel)
what happens in the isthmus?outer most albumin added, inner and outer SHELL MEMBRANES added
what happens in the uterus?ovum spends 20 hrs here making a hard shell, also albumin is pumped in to "plump up" the egg. lastly is a thin cuticle to protect shell and contents
time spend in each portion of oviduct? summar of fxn?infund (15min)(chalaza), magnum (3hr)(albumen), isthmus (1 hr)(shell membranes), uterus (20 hr)(shell/cuticle), vagina (seconds)