Autonomic Receptors and Actions

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Question Answer
Iris radial muscleContracts (mydriasis), alpha 1
Iris circular muscle---
Ciliary MuscleRelaxes, beta 2
Ciliary epitheliumIncreases aqueous humor production, beta 2
SA nodeAccelerates, beta 1
Ectopic pacemakersAccelerates, beta 1
Cardiac contractibilityIncreases, beta 1
Blood vessels of skinConstricts, alpha 1 & alpha 2
Blood vessels of skeletal muscleDilates, beta 2
Bronchiolar smooth muscleRelaxes, beta 2
Walls of GI tractRelaxes, alpha 2 & beta 2
Sphinchters of GI tractConstricts, alpha 1
GI tract secretions---
Bladder wall (detrusor)Relaxes, beta 2 & beta 3
Bladder sphinchterConstricts, alpha 1
UterusRelaxes - beta 2, Contracts - alpha 1
Penis, seminal vesiclesEjaculation, alpha 1
Pilomotor smooth muscle of skinContracts, alpha 1
Sweat glands - thermoregulatoryIncreases, muscarinic 3!
Sweat glands - apocrineIncreases, alpha 1
Liver metabolismGluconeogenesis and glycolysis, beta 2 & alpha 1
Fat cellsLypolysis, beta 3
KidneyRenin release (leading to vasoconstriction), beta 1
Relaxes renal vascular smooth muscle, D1 (dopamine)
Pancreatic Beta cellsincreases insulin release, beta 2; inhibits insulin release, alpha 2


Question Answer
Iris radial muscle---
Iris circular muscleContracts (miosis), muscarinic 3
Ciliary MuscleContracts, muscarinic 3
SA nodeDecelerates, muscarinic 2
Ectopic pacemakers---
Cardiac contractilityDecreases in atria, muscarinic 2
Blood vessels of skin---
Blood vessels of skeletal muscle---
EndotheliumRelease of NO - vasodilation, muscarinic 3
Bronchiolar smooth muscleContracts, muscarinic 3
Walls of GI tractContracts, muscarinic 3
Sphinchters of GI tractRelaxes, muscarinic 3
GI tract secretionsIncreases, muscarinic 3
Bladder wall (detrusor)Contracts, muscarinic 3
Bladder sphinchterRelaxes, muscarinic 3
UterusContracts, muscarinic 3
Penis, seminal vesiclesErection, muscarinic 3
Pilomotor smooth muscle of skin---
Sweat glands - thermoregulatory---
Sweat glands - apocrine---
Liver metabolism---
Fat cells---