Autonomic nervous system

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Question Answer
What does the ANS innervate?smooth muscle, cardiac m., and glands
The 2 divisions of the ANSsympathetic and parasympathetic
The sympathetic nervous system is also called the ....Fight or Flight
Parasympathetic part is and digest
The cell body of the second neuron is located in an ....autonomic ganglion
both SNS and PNS preganglionic neurons release _____ as their neurotransmitter.acetycholine
postganglionic axons of the sympathetic nerv. system are called " ______ " adrenergic
postganglionic fibers of the parasympathetic neurons are called "______"cholinergic
sympathetics often have ____ preganglionic and _____ postganglionic fibers.short, long
parasympathetics typically have _____ pregang. and very _____ postgang.long, short
sympathetic division arises only from _____ -_____ cord levelsT1-L2/3
upper end of sympathetic chain n the neck region is a series of ____ larger ganglia. (cervial ganglia)3
in 80% of ppl, the inferior cervical ganglion fuses with the first _____ ganglion.thoracic
What 3 ganglia are anterior to the aorta?celiac, superior mesenteric, inferior mesenteric ganglia
preganglionic symp. fibers originiate ONLY from the ______thoraco-lumbar cord
on the left side, symp. targets are located in the _____ and ______body wall and extremities
on the right side, targets are in the _____ region as well as _____head, organs
All preganglionic symp. fibers enter the sympathetic chain using a ....white communicating ramus which branches from spinal nerves T1-L3
after synapsing in the sympathetic chain, postganglionic fibers reenter the spinal nerves via a .....gray communicating ramus
the splanchnic nerves which connect the symp. chain with the prevertebral symp. ganglia contain _______ sympathetic fibers that have not yet synapsedpreganglionic
Greater splanchnic nerve carries preganglionic fibers to the _____ ganglion where they synapse.celiac
postgang. fibers from neurons in the celiac ganglion serve the _____ and its derivatives foregut; stomach, duodenum, liver, pancreas, spleen
the lesser splanchnic nerve (T10-11) carries pregang. fibers to the ______ ______ ganglion. superior mesenteric
the postgang. fibers from the sup. mesenteric gang. serve the ______ .midgut;
the lumbar splanchnics carry pregang. fibers to the _____ _____ ganglion.inferior mesenteric
to get to the pelvic organs, the preganglionic fibers synapse in a displaced ganglia, reaching there via a ______ nerve.splanchnic
the adrenal medulla is directly innervated by ____ ____ fiberspreganglionic sympathetic
the adrenal medulla has _____ cells (modified sympathetic neurons)chromaffin
the kidney gets its sympathetic innervation via ______ fibers from the ______ gangliapostganglionic, aorticorenal .
preganglionic fibers from the cranial division run via the ....oculomotor n, facial n., glossopharyngeal n., and vagus n. (75% of innervation)
preganglionic fibers from the spinal division are from the _____ spinal cordS2-4


Question Answer
what is Raynaud's disease?disorder of the ANS characterized by abnormal constriction of bld vessels in extremities
what is raynauds dieases provoked by?exposure to cold or by emotional stress
What is Achalasia Cardia?defect in autonomic innervation of the esophagus; hyperactive lower esophageal sphincter which fails to relax on swallowing.