Autonomic Nervous System

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Section 1

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long PREGANGLION neuronparasympathetic layout
long POSTGANGLION neuronsympathetic layout
preganglionic neurons parasympatheticcranial 3,7,9,10 sacral 2-4

Section 2

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terminal gangliaclose to target tissue ciliary pterygopalatine otic submandibular
intramural gangliain target tissue

Section 3

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ciliary ganglioNthrough oculomotor nerve smooth muscle of eye pupil constriction & visual accomodation
pterygopalatine ganglionthrough facial nerve innervates lacrimal ducts nasal mucosa ^secretion
submandibular ganglionfacial nerve inv. submandibular salivary glands ^ saliva
otic ganglionthrough glossopharyngeal nerve inv. parotid salivary glands ^ secretion
intramural ganglion 1through vagus nerve innervates cardiac muscle lower heart rate; bronchoconstriction; contract smooth muscle in gi tract; loosen sphincters ; ^ gland secretion
intramural ganglion 2through pelvic nerves smooth muscle in urinary tract contract muscle relax sphincters ^ urinary activity.

Section 4

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autonomic ganglion sympathetic chain ganglion ;;;;; collateral ganglia;;;;;adrenal medulla
PREGANGLIONIC neurons leave via T1-L2 lateral gray horns of spine

Section 5

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eye smooth muscle norepi;;;;;AI receptor;;;; pupil dilation
salivary glandsnorepi;;;;B1&B2;;;;;lower saliva secretion
cardiac musclenorepi;;;B1 ;;;; raise heart rate bp and force
bronchiolesnorepi;;;;B2;;;;; bronchodialation
sweat glandsACh;;;;MUSCARINIC ;;;; ^sweating (EXCEPTION TO ALL)
blood vessel in skinnorepi;;;A1;;;;vasoconstriction
blood vessel in musclenorepi;;;B2;;;vasodilation

Section 6

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celiac gangliastomach gallbladder liver pancreas spleen
superior mesenteric ganglia small + 2/3 of large intestine
inferior mesenteric gangliadistal 1/3 large intestine, kidney, bladder, reproductive organs

Section 7

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smooth muscle in blood vessels; urinary and digestive organsnepi;;;;;a1;;;;vasoconstriction
muscle in GI tractnepi;;;;b3;;;;relaxation
urinary tractnepi;;;;b2;;;relaxation pee less
digestive sphincters nepi;;;;a1;;;;contraction
digestive glandsnepi;;;;b2;;;;lower secretion
pancreas livernepi;;;b2;;;;lower activity and secretion

Section 8

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adrenal medullaover kidney
chromaffin cellsin place of post ganglionic neurons release neurotransmitter to blood for body.