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McNalleyLove Valour and Compassion, Frankie and John, Ritz
Neil SimonPromises, Promises, Sweet Chaity, Lost in Yonkers
Lillian Hellman The children's hour, the little foxes
AlbeeWho's Affrair of Virgiia Wolf
Manet Buffalo, Gemgarrey Glen Ross, Olenna, Sexual Perveristy
Arthor Miller Death of Saleman, The Crucible
David MametSexual in Chicago, American Buffalo, Glen Ross
August WilsonFence, Black Bottom, Piano Lesson
Lorraine Hansberry1st Black play went to Broadyway, A Rasin in the Sun
Thornton WilderOur Town and the skin of our teeth
Royal Tyler1st American play to be prefomed professional Contrast
Eugene O'NeilNobel Prize, Long Journey, Under his Elms, Iceman Coming
William Gibson2 play that were made into films The Miracle worker and 2 for the SeeSaw

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