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Question Answer
Old, rich, reflective, gossipy, smokes, judge (Emily: Distinguished old man)Justice Lawrence Wargrave
Attractive, average wealth, wants better job, currently a games mistressVera Claythorne
Tall, brown face, light eyes, arrogant mouth, mustache, poor, doesn't like Jews, attracted to Vera, and she thinks he has been on many adventures (Vera thinks he’s been on a lot of adventure)Captain Phillip Lombard
65 years old, not very rich, third class, old-fashioned, army brat, new generation lacks, raised by a strict father, likes to cookEmily Brent
impatient, enjoys gossip, paranoid, thinks people look at him like he is odd, old friends avoid him because of his past (his old friends avoid him because of his past)General MacArthur
medical doctor/women’s phsycologist, manipulates women, successful, supersticious, cockyDr. Armstrong
rich (from his parents), drinks, tall, tan, blue eyes, Snobby, attractive, enjoys to socialize, reckless driver (Dr. Armstrong: Damned young fellow)Anthony "Tony" Marston
moustache, very little expression, grey eyes, close together, military type look, cautious, planning to lie about who he is, deceptive (Old Man on the Train: his day of judgement is coming (he will die soon))Mr. Blore a.k.a. Mr. Davis
Man ServantMr. Rogers
Wife of Man Servant, queer light eyes, flat monotonous voice, pale, ghost like appearance (Vera: white ghost of a woman, walked in mortal fear)Mrs. Rogers

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