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Question Answer
Interactions: Studied caregiver-infant interactionsFeldman
Interactions: Later relationship with father linked to quality of playGrossman
Interactions: Father - most nurturing parent becomes primary attachmentField
Interactions (AO3) Seperation anxiety can occur around playmates tooBowlby
Stages of attachmentShaffer and Emerson
Animal studies: Geese - critical period, sexual imprintingLorenz
Animal studies: Monkeys - contact comfort, maternal deprivation as adultsHarlow
Animal studies (AO3) Chickens and rubber gloves, effect reversibleGuiton
Learning theory: Classical condition - food, Operant conditioning - social suppressorsDollard and Miller
Learning theory: Attachment is a secondary driveSears
Learning theory (AO3) Ignores caregiver-infant interactionsIsabella
Learning theory (AO3) Alternative - Social learning theoryHay and Vespo
Monotropy, Social releasers, critical period, ITMBowlby
Monotropic theory (AO3) Blank face experiment, distressBrazleton
Monotropic theory (AO3) 99 mothers, evidence for ITMBailey
Monotropic theory (AO3) ITM may be result of temperamentKagan
Strange situation - Secure, avoidant, resistantAinsworth
SS (AO3) Resistant children more likely to have mental health problemsWard
SS (AO3) 94% inter-rater reliabilityBick
SS (AO3) Disorganised attachmentMain and Soloman
SS (AO3) Cultural relativism, Japan - Takahashi
Question Answer
Cultural variations: Meta-analysisIjzendoorn and Kroonenberg
Cultural variations: Italian studySimanella
Cultrual variations: Korean studyJin
Maternal deprivation: 44 thieves, critical period, developmentBowlby
MD (AO3) Replicated with 500 ppts and found no correlationHilda Lewis
MD (AO3) Found lower IQ in institutional settingsGoldfarb
MD (AO3) Poor differentiation between privation and deprivationRutter
MD (AO3) Seperating rats for a day led to permanent damageLevy
Institutionalisation: English and Romanian adoptee studyRutter
Institutionalisation: Bucharest early intervention projectZeanah
Institutionalisation: Disinhibited attachment caused my multiple carersRutter
Later life: Quality of friendshipKerns
Later life: Bullying: Avoidant - victims, resistant - bulliesMyron-Wilson and Smith
Later life: Relationships, intimacyMcCarthy
Later life: The love quiz, jealousyHazan and Shaver
Later life: Parenthood, 99 mothers, ITMBailey
Later life (AO3) Little evidence for same attachment between familiesZimmerman
Later life (AO3) Influence is probabilistic, pessimisticClarke and Clarke

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