Atomic Theory

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Section 1

Question Answer
The Atom: An indivisible particledalton
Earth Water Air and FireAristotle
The Billiard Ball ModelJohn Dalton
The Electron: Plum Pudding ModelJJ Thomson
The Gold Foil Experiment: The Nucleus and protonErnest Rutherford
The NeutronJames Chadwick
Electron OrbitBohr

Section 2

Question Answer
An Indivisible particle: The Atom: Democritus400 BCE--named the atom--divided and divided the atom until indivisible
Earth Water Air and Fire: Aristotle450 BCE + 200 years--MATTER is made up of Earth, water, air, fire and all has specific qualities, wet,dry,cold,hot
The Billiard Ball Model: John Dalton1807-atoms can't be created or destroyed, but can be rearranged, all the atoms in a single element are the same
The Electron: Plum Pudding: jj Thomson 1897Electrons have a negative charge--rest of the atom is positively charged sphere-- positive and negative are attracted to each other so the electrons stay with the rest of the positively charged atom
The Gold Foil Experiment: The nucleus and proton-Ernest Rutherfordnucleus is positively charged, most of the atom is empty space
The Neutron-chadwick1932-particles with no charge
Electron Orbit-Bohr1913-discovered energy levels-electrons orbit the nucleus