ATI Predictor B

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Question Answer
Nurse is educating on losing one pound a week; how many calories?500 calories a day
Bad sign with a mother with newborn?Disapproval
Diet for glomerulonephritis?Low sodium, water restriction
Pediatric patient dehydrated, after initial oral rehydration, give water, juice, or ginger ale?None!
Postoperative care for a client following a colon resection for colorectal cancer includes which of the following? (Select all that apply.) Report to the provider that the stoma is red in color and has serosanguineous discharge. Monitor and treat pain, and evaluate pain-relief measures. Start a full liquid diet upon return to medical unit. Provide wound care using surgical aseptic technique. Advise the client to use stool softeners to prevent straining.2, 4, 5
Naegele's rule?-3+7
Boggy uterus, do what?Massage the fundus!
Vertebrae related to paralysis?Below or above L1-L2 = paralysis
Priority infection for amniotomy?FEVER/INFECTION!
Patient has stairs, has had a stroke, and has trouble communicating—priority therapy?Speech r/t ABC
Best to orient what? What not?Follow nurse, NOT skills checklist
What can grant informed consent?Parent of minor, spouse or closest relative granted power of attorney, court-ordered rep., legal guardian
Impaired nurse, do what?Report to CHARGE NURSE
Med error is what trait, like fidelity, veracity, beneficence?Veracity
Patient up and walking, pain 8, need what type of pain management?PCA pump, prn morphine
SingulairPrevent exercise-induced bronchospasm, and for long-term use. Take ONCE DAILY AT BED TIME
Take peak gentamicin (amino glycoside) when? Trough?30 minutes after giving IM, or 30 minutes after IV has finished; trough immediately before giving next dose
Lithium levels? 0.4-1.0
S/S of early lithium toxicity?Slurred speech, NVD, thirst, polyuria, muscle weakness
What's up with central lines and pushing meds with resistance?Don't do it! May be dislodging a thrombosis!
If you run out of TPN, do what?Hang dextrose

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Question Answer
Have client do what with anthrax?Strip down!
Asthma and beta-blockers (lols)Don't give lols/beta blockers to asthma patients!
ACE-inhibitors?Dry cough
How does dopamine work, by vasodilating or increasing cardiac output?Increasing cardiac output
Fentanyl patch changing time72 hours, 48 of intolerant
Long term effect of corticosteroidsLosing hair on legs
Chronic emphysema ABG?RESP. ACID. (low pH, low CO2 35-45)
Increased PAWP means what? Reference4-12, ^ means L-sided failure
A patient is experiencing umbilical cord prolapse—intervention?Put hand up vagina and hold it there
GERD s/sAtypical chest pain and SOB
Reglanextrapyramidal side effects e.g. twitching, facial spasms. Give antihistamine to help.
Iron deficiency anemia lab resultsHgb <12, Hct < 33
Arteriovenous fistula factDon't measure BP on this side!
With oxygen toxicity, will you see hypo or hyperventilation?HYPOVENTILATION
Explain irrigating with solutionHold 1 inch above
Wound has dehisced, do what?Put saline soaked sterile gauze over
What is histrionic personality disorder?FLIRTY AND SEDUCTIVE
Expected findings of schizophrenia?Memory deficit, difficulty concentrating, disordered thinking, poor problem solving and decision-making
What test for breast cancer vs. ovarian cancer?HER2 (her 2 boobs) gene = breast AFTER biopsy, but BRCA1 is for detecting breast cancer without biopsy (BReast Cancer), CA-125 (clit area) = ovarian

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Question Answer
Appropriate post-op care for diabetes?Vitamin C!
Flush a central line with how many mL?10! 3 if peripheral
What does abnormal PAP smear indicate?Cervical cancer
What to tell woman trying to get pregnant?After stops, may take a while
Treatment for chlamydia, both mom and baby? Timing for baby?Zithromax, amoxicillin, and erythromycin for both mom and baby IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING DELIVERY
Decontamination for radiationSoap and water and disposable towels
Insuline, rotate site or no?DO NOT ROTATE SITE
Valproic acidliver failure, jaundice
First thing for implementing staff changes?INVESTIGATE STAFFING ISSUES with TASK FORCE
No consent from ED to surgery, do what?Get official interpreter!
Heavy lochia, boggy funds, do what?GIVE OXYTOCIN
Autism ATILack of responsiveness
Post EGD, what to watch for?COOL CLAMMY SKIN, sign of perforation
Cytoxan for neuroblastomas in toddlersHYDRATE LIBERALLY
Risk for diabetes insipid us?Monitor for POLYURIA
Postpartum, immediate action?Boggy uterus
Cushing's disease, 2 thingsMoon face, ^ cortisol
Memory loss = ^ ICP