ATI Final Review 2

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Question Answer
Theophylline toxicity findingsAnorexia, tachycardia, albuminuria, and hypotension.
What blood type mother puts infant at risk for problem, needing Rho?O- after 1st pregnancy or with spontaneous abortion
CO2 & HCO3 reference rangesCO2 35-45, HCO3 22-26.
Post vaginal delivery with boggy fundus and heavy lochia, what medication should the nurse administer and why?Oxytocin, to reduce bleeding by stimulating uterine contractions. Magnesium sulfate and Terbutaline are for DECREASING contractions during PRETERM labor, and nubaine is an opioid for during labor.
What should a client watch out for with Elavil?Dry mouth, as it is anticholinergic, so watch for common reactions like constipation and dry mouth. Take this med WITH food or immediately after, not BEFORE
Describe crutches and moving up a stair sequence...Tripod position—place body weight on crutches—move unaffected leg—then move crutches and affected leg.
What is the purpose of band and bead at P6 meridian of wrist in 1st trimester?Relieve nausea & vomiting
With staffing issues, what is first thing to do?Task force
D/C IV NaCl infusion before administering Cefazolin, or Piggyback?Piggyback
When should you prohibit fresh flowers in a patient's room?Neutropenia
When should you prohibit visitors in patient's room?Neutropenia
Clinical manifestations of peritonitis, especially 48-hours after appendectomy?^ WBC, rigid abdomen, absent bowel sounds & fever
Highest priority to newborn in respiratory distress syndrome?Temperature, to prevent cold-induced stress
Is tachypnea bad in a newborn?Yes
Are early decelerations normal in second stage of labor?Yes, just keep observing FHR
Highest risk factor for osteoporosis?Sedentary lifestyle
Indication of hemolytic transfusion reaction?Low back pain, tachycardia and hypotension
Teaching for patient experiencing engorgement or at risk for it during bottle feedings?Ice packs
If staff breaching confidentiality talking about patient, first interventionConfront
How should crutches be set, referring to axillae?Two to three fingers between bar and armpits. Elbows flex 30 DEGREES