ATA Chapter Codes

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Chapter 5Time Limits/Maintenance Checks
Chapter 6Dimensions & areas
Chapter 7Lifting and Shoring
Chapter 8Levelling and Weighing
Chapter 9Towing and Taxiing
Chapter 10Parking, Mooring, Storage, & Return to Service
Chapter 11Placards & Markings
Chapter 12Servicing
Chapter 20Standard Practices - Airframe
Chapter 21Air Conditioning
Chapter 22Auto Flight
Chapter 23Communications
Chapter 24Electrical Power
Chapter 25Equipment/Furnishing
Chapter 26Fire Protection
Chapter 27Flight Controls
Chapter 28Fuel
Chapter 29Hydraulic Power
Chapter 30Ice & Rain Protection
Chapter 31Indicating/Recording Systems
Chapter 32Landing Gear
Chapter 33Lights
Chapter 34Navigation
Chapter 35Oxygen
Chapter 36Pneumatic
Chapter 37Vacuum
Chapter 38Water/Waste
Chapter 41Water Ballast
Chapter 45Central Maintenance System
Chapter 46Information Systems
Chapter 51Standard Practices & Structures - General
Chapter 52Doors
Chapter 53Fuselage
Chapter 54Nacelles/Pylons
Chapter 56Windows
Chapter 57Wings
Chapter 60Standard Practices - Propeller/Rotor
Chapter 61Propellers
Chapter 70Engine
Chapter 71Power Plant
Chapter 72Engine Turbine/Reciprocating/Turboprop/Ducted Fan/Unducted Fan
Chapter 73Engine Fuel & Control
Chapter 74Ignition
Chapter 75Air
Chapter 76Engine Controls
Chapter 77Engine Indicating
Chapter 78Exhaust
Chapter 79Oil
Chapter 80Starting
Chapter 81Turbines
Chapter 82Water Injection
Chapter 83Accessory Gearboxes