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What motion causes the day/night cycle?Rotation
What is the Earth's rotation direction?Counter clockwise
The Earth spinning is ______ The Earth rotating
One rotation of earth creates ______1 day
How many hours in a day?24
When the Earth goes around the Sun its doing what?Revolving/orbiting
What motion causes a year?Revolving
How many days in a year?365 1/4
Earth is divided into time by _____Time zones
How many time zones are there?24
What time zone are we located in?Central
How many hours before the West coast does the East coast receive sunlight? 3

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One way a shadow changes as the Earth rotates is _____Length
What time is a shadow the shortest?Noon
When is a shadow long?In the morning or night when the Sun is low
What is the direction of a shadow is the Sun is in the East?West
How does the sun change from morning to afternoon?It get higher into the sky
What season has the shortest shadows?Summer because the sun is higher
What season is the Sun highest in the sky?Summer
What seasons have similar shadows?Spring and Fall
The sun shines most directly over what Latitude line December 21st?Tropic of Capricorn
The sun shines most directly over what Latitude line June 21st?Tropic of Cancer
The Sun shines most over ____ on March and September 21st?The Equator

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What month is Earth closest to the Sun?December
What is a major cause of Earths seasons?Tilt
Effects of Earths tilt?Temperature and light
What type of sunlight creates high temperatures and the most light?Direct sunlight
What type of sunlight creates low temperatures and the least light?Indirect sunlight
If the North Hemisphere tilts towards the Sun what season is it?Summer
If the North Hemisphere tilts away from the Sun what season is it?Winter
What is the name for the first days of Summer and Winter?Solstice
What is the name for the first days of Spring and Fall?Equinox
What is the amount of day light on the Equinoxs?About 12 hours
Do the Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere have opposite seasons? Yes
What is the first day of Fall?September 21st

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CER - C stands for ____Claim,
CER - E stands for ____Evidence
CER - R stands for ____Reasoning
What directly answers the question/claim?Evidence
What explains why this answers it?Reasoning

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