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Question Answer
Asthma Specific Check for hyperlipidemia, suctioning, sit semi fowlers to high fowlers, supplemental oxygen, education on inhaler use, hear WEEZING
PathoChronic inflammation of lung tissue, airway are hyperactive & bronchospasm very easily
Common triggersAllergies, cold air, exercise, aspirin
Assessment Coughing, wheezing, SOB, chest tightness, tachypnea, tachycardia, anxiety

Nursing Diagnosis

Question Answer
Ineffective airway clearanceMonitor skin color, VS, LOC, Assess ABG results, Fowlers, semi-fowlers, orthopenic position, administer O2, nebulizer tx, increase fluid intake, assess for anxiety
Ineffective breathing patternMonitor VS, Assist w/ADLS, provide for rest periods, administer meds
Activity intoleranceTeach client to take own VS, asses for the need for short acting bronchodilators, teach the client to space activities, asses with ADLS,
Ineffective therapeutic regimen managementlevel of understanding, perception of disease, knowledge and understanding of med, written and verbal instructions


Question Answer
You will useEpinephrin, isoproternol, metaproternol, terbutaline, albuterol, salmetrol, combo: albuterol/ipratoproium (combivent), salmeterol/fluticason (adavir)
Methylxanthinestheophylline (bronkotabs, quibron), Aminophlline (somophylline)
Anticholinergicsatropine, ipratopoium bromide (atrovent), totopium bromide (spiriva)
CorticosteroidsBeclomethasone dipropionate (vanceril beclovent), Triamicinolone acetonide (Azmaort), Fluticason propionate
Nursing considerationsremember a new diagnosis is scary, teach to level of understanding, be aware of a client going into asthmaticus


Question Answer
BYou will hear wheezing, tachycarida, tightness in chest accessory muscles, mucous production.
RSemi fowlers to high fowlers
EAs much supplemental O2 as possible, prepare for intubation
ARespiratory acidosis, hyperglycemia, lung sounds
TUsually require suctioning, pursed lip breathing- causes slow down breaths
HNormal PPE
Esmall meals, pace activities, difference between rescue meds and long term, push meds, identify triggers, check for hyperglycemia (steroids)