Assessing Cognition

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Question Answer
4 AT orderalertness, AMT 4, attention, acute change or fluctuating course
alertnessnormal or rousable = 0, clearly abnormal = 4
AMT4age, DOB, place, year. no mistakes = 0, 1 mistake = 1, 2 mistakes = 2
attentionmonths of the year backwards, 7 or more =0, starts but less than 7 or refuses to start =1, untestable = 2
acute change or fluctuatingno = 0. yes = 4.

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MMSE orderorientation, registration, attention, recall, language, copying
orientationyear,month,day,date,season. country,county,town,hospital,ward /10
registrationthree objects that can be seen, pt repeats /3
attentionsubtract 7 from 100, five times. /5
recallask for the names of the three objects earlier /3
languagepencil and watch, "no ifs ands or buts", take a piece of paper in your right hand, fold it in half and place it on the table.", read and obey written command, write a sentence. /8
copying2 pentagons with intersections /1

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Question Answer
memory lossdo you have to write things down so you don't forget them? do you recognise faces but can't remember names?
familiar taskscan you gather all the ingredients and cook a meal?
languagedo you sometimes use unusual words in a sentence?
TPPhave you ever gotten lost in a familiar place and not been able to get back?
misplacing itemsdo you sometimes put things in unusual places?
moodrapid changes in mood?
initiativesleeping more than usual, sat in front of tv etc
concentrationcan you follow whats going on in a tv programme? can you read the newspaper without getting overly distracted?
red flagshave you ever left the hob on? have you ever left the front door open? have you ever let a stranger into the house?

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CAM for collaterals orderacute onset and fluctuating course, inattention, disorganised thinking, altered level of conciousness
acute onset or fluctuating courseare they suddenly acting oddly or different to usual? does it vary throughout the day?
inattentionwere they able to have a conversation with you and follow what was being said? do they seem distracted?
disorganised thinkingwere they rambling or not making much sense? did their thoughts follow logically from one topic to the next?
altered level of consciounesswere they fully awake? were they drowsy? were they hyperalert? if they were asleep were you able to wake them up?

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