Aspirin (ASA, Bayer, Acetyl salicylic Acid)

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ClassificationAntiplatelet, Antipyretic, Analgesic, Anti-inflammatory (NSAID)
Mechanism of ActionImpedes clotting action and prolongs aggregation by slowing prostaglandin synthesis action which also Impedes inflammation response
IndicationsAMI & Myocardial Ischemia
Contraindications Hypersensitivity, Hx of recent GI bleeding or ulcers, Pt's with known bleeding disorders, Acute asthma, Febrile children (may cause Reyes syndrome leading to brain and liver swelling).
Side EffectsProlonged bleeding, Nausea/ vomiting, Heartburn, GI bleeding, Epigastric pain, Wheezing.
InteractionsWarfarin (Coumadin) may potential employers effects
Routes of AdministrationPO
Onset / Duration 5 - 30mins. / 1- 4 hours (24 hours for anticoagulant effects)
Adult Dose160 - 325 mg PO (chewed) and swallowed
Pediatric DoseBaby Aspirin NOT for babies!! May cause Reye's Syndrome (liver damage and brain swelling).
Additional Info: Use carefully with patients...Taking coumadin, Had recent surgeries, Are asthmatic, Have renal / hepatic failure, Have allergies to other NSAID's.

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