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Question Answer
Clergy Church officials
Religious order A group of people who dedicat their lives to religion and follow common rules
Francis of Assisi Founder of the Franciscan order
FriarsMembers of religious orders who lived and worked among the general public
Thomas Aquinas Philosopher who showed how religious faith and reason could co-exist
Natural law Thomas Aquinas concept that God created a law that governed how the world operated
What are two events in a persons life during the Middle Ages in church Baptism and wedding
Why are the monks of cluny established a new religious orderThey dedicated their lives to religion with common rules
Why does the church have art in the church Their spires and high ceiling and colorful colors
Why is the great charter so important So people won't get in trouble for no reason.
Why is Joan Arc feat truly remarkable She sacrificed herself
How many people die in the Black Death 25 million people die
How did the Black Death benefits the survivors Plague survivors found their skills in the demand and charged moer for their labor
Heresyreligious ideas that oppose accepted church teachings.
ReconquistaChristian efforts to retake Spain from the Muslim Moors.
Spanish Inquisitionorganization of priests charged with seeking out and punishing non-Christians