AS Psychology - Memory

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Section 1

Question Answer
first step of the multi-store modelenvironmental stimuli
second step of the multi-store modelsensory memory
third step of the multi-store modelattention
fourth step of the multi-store modelshort term memory
fifth step of the multi-store modelmaintenance rehaersal
who invented the multi-store model?Atkinson and Shiffrin (1968)
sixth step of the multi-store model Long term memory

Section 2

Question Answer
who invented the working memory model?Baddeley and Hitch (1974)
"command centre" for the multi-store modelcentral executive
audio area for the multi-store modelphonological loop
where is a spatial task planned in the multi-store modelvisuo-spatial sketch pad
where is the general store in the multi-store modelepisodic buffer

Section 3

Question Answer
who created the traffic accident experiments?Loftus and Palmer (1974)
what is the weapon-focus effect?where people focus more on the weapon than the person
why are children bad for EWT?they are more likely to identify the wrong person
why are elderly people bad for EWT?they may not have as good memory as they used to
what is the optimum age for an eyewitness?35-45