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color things


Question Answer
using the back or front groundclose things on front,far things on back
dead natureinanimate objects
hachureslines in different directions forming a shadow
degradations of forms detailmore far less detail
shadow holdershadow of object
reflecton top of shadow
proper shadowdark side of object
light pointlight side of object

section 2

Question Answer
using tintsmore close more warm
gestural lineline made very quick capturing attention
degradation of colors greymore far are more grey
negative spacethe space that surrounds the positive space
force linelines that show the hardness of a subject
construction lineline that defines the figure and structure
light effects spacemore far less light
degradation of shapes touchorganic or geometrical shape the object that you can touch
one object in front of the othersuperposition
7 elements of artLine Color Shape Form Value Space Texture
3 types of viewsbird worm normal

section 3

Question Answer
contour lineline that follows the edge of the shape
interstice spacethe space between 2 objects
element size spacecloser object bigger
found objspace of the objects behind the drawing
linear perspectiveshapes that pointing at a dot

medival thing

Question Answer
byzantin art 2 thingsrich colors, pronounced contours
roman stylewide buildings and heavy walls
jobs that people did a lotsharpening rocks
cathedrala tall church made by romans
ogive curvemad face


Question Answer
boutants curve90 degree curve
gothic styletall building, color windows
vitralscolor glass with pictures warm colors
2 very important inventionsprinters and exploration
changes of the art formstrictly religious

renesance thing

Question Answer
renesance definitionrenesance is a time where the writers and artists got active and did themes of grece and rome
renesance placesfrom italy to north europe (then developed oil instead of egg for mixing the pigments) and finally france and england
how did social structure changedrich people have political power
who discovered linear perspectivefilippo brunelleschi
what is linear perspectiveshaps pointing at dot garphic
micheal angeitalian guy, painting structures
pietaart thing that is marty cries on chris
loenard da vinci does mofgopmath physics geography and painting


Question Answer
fervrierfreres de limborough
fuitegiotto di bondonne
epouxjan van eyck
decenterogier van der weyden
madonedomenico veneziano
bataillepaolo uccello
palagiovanni bellini
the tower at the top of the gothicfleche
circle thingrose
doorframe linteau
abovedoor 2 tympan