Articulation Disorders

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Process of speech productionsyntax-->semantics morphology-->phonology-->motor plan
Type of speech soundsvowels, consonants
vowels propertiesformed in throat with help from tongue and mouth, can be spoken alone, all vowels are voiced
consonants propertiesform by controlling breath flow and shape of mouth and tongue, can't be spoken alone
formantthe acoustics of vowel-->energy peaks that dtermine quality of sound that results from resonances in vocal tract-->NOT resonance
LF formantinfluenced by tongue and body height low and high
HF formantinfluenced by tongue and frontness and backness
Mobile articulatorstongue, lips, velum, mandible
fixed articulatorshard palate, upper incisors, alveolar ridge
phonological processespatterns of sound errors that developing children use to simplify speech as they learn to talk
3 classification of consonant productionplace, manner voicing
manner of articulationcontinuants (nasals, glides, fricatives), stops (affricates, plosives)
coarticulationoverlaping of motor commands and movements
3 types of phonology inconsistency in kidsdifferent word positions, same word position, multiple repetitions of same word
intelligibility in 18 mo kid25%
intelligibility in 24 mo kid50-75%
intelligibility in 36 mo kid75-100%
intelligibility in 3 yo kidat least 50% to stranger
phonological disorder definitionwhen phonological processes persist beyond the age when most typically developing kids have stopped using them
phonological processingphonological memory (coding sounds)-->access to lexical storage (efficient memory retrieval)-->awareness (sensitivity to sound structure)
phonological disorder defndisorder on phonemic level, a language disorder
articulation disorder defnspeech disorder on phonetic level
causes of speech disordersautism, genetic (down syndrome), hearing loss, illness, unknown, neuro (cerebral palsy), frequent ear infections
phonologyrules for combining and using sounds to convey meaning
developmental disorderdevelop before 9yo
bondevelopmental disorderdevelop after 9yo
unknown etiology60% of cases, 30% kids with speech delay have lots of impairment in vocab, grammar
known etiology of phonological disorderotitis media with effusion (infection of ME common in 3yo), down syndrom (1:700), cleft palate (1:700)
motor speech disordersmotoric difficulty with planning and executing speech sounds
psychosocial involvementspeech delay from psycho trauma
cleft palate (nonsyndromic)failure of fusion of palatal structures 8-12th week of gestation, genetic, smoking, diabetes, medicine

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