Articles of the Constitution And Bill Of Rights

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The Articles


Article #Title
Article 1Legislative Branch
Article 2Executive Branch
Article 3Judicial Branch
Article 4Powers of the States
Article 5Amending the Constitution
Article 6Supremacy Clause
Article 7Ratification of Original Constitution (9/13 States)

The Bill of Rights (Amendments 1-10)

Amendment #Title
Amendment 1Basic Rights and Freedoms
Amendment 2Right to Bear Arms
Amendment 3No Quartering of Troops
Amendment 4No Illegal Search and Seizure
Amendment 5Criminal Rights
Amendment 6Jury Trial in a Criminal Case
Amendment 7Jury Trial in a Civil Case
Amendment 8No Cruel or Unusual Punishment
Amendment 9Enumerated Powers (Other Rights/Other things can be punished for)
Amendment 10Delegated Powers (States/Citizens get everything the Federal Gov't Does not)

Amendments 11-19

Amendment #TItle
Amendment 11Suits Against States
Amendment 12Electoral College
Amendment 13Abolish Slavery
Amendment 14Citizenship for Blacks (3/5 Rule Abolished)
Amendment 15Blacks Rights (Cannot be denied right to vote)
Amendment 16Income Tax
Amendment 17Election of Senators
Amendment 18Prohibition
Amendment 19Women Suffrage

Amendments 20-27

Question Answer
Amendment 20Lame Duck (Inauguration/Congress Assembles once a year)
Amendment 21Repeal Prohibition
Amendment 224 Year Terms, 10 Years Maximum
Amendment 23D.C. Gets Electoral Votes
Amendment 24Abolishes Poll Tax
Amendment 25Presidential Succession
Amendment 26Voting Age 18
Amendment 27Congressional Pay