Articles of the Constitution And Bill Of Rights

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The Articles


Article #Title
Article 1Legislative Branch
Article 2Executive Branch
Article 3Judicial Branch
Article 4Powers of the States
Article 5Amending the Constitution
Article 6Legal Status of the Constitution
Article 7Ratification

The Bill of Rights (Amendments 1-10)

Amendment #Title
Amendment 1Freedom of speech,press, religion and to petition the Government & Assemble
Amendment 2Right to Bear Arms
Amendment 3No Quartering of Troops
Amendment 4Search and Arrest warrants
Amendment 5Grand jury, Double Jeopardy
Amendment 6rights in Criminal Cases
Amendment 7Rights in Civil Cases
Amendment 8Protects against unreasonable bails, fines and punishments
Amendment 9Non- Enumerated rights of citizens
Amendment 10Rights retained by the people and states

Amendments 11-19

Amendment #TItle
Amendment 11Law-Suits Against States
Amendment 12Election of president and vice president
Amendment 13Abolish Slavery
Amendment 14Civil rights due to process
Amendment 15Blacks suffrage
Amendment 16Income Tax
Amendment 17Election of Senators
Amendment 18Abolition
Amendment 19Women Suffrage

Amendments 20-27

Question Answer
Amendment 20Lame Duck (Inauguration/Congress Assembles once a year)
Amendment 21Repeal Prohibition
Amendment 224 Year Terms, 10 Years Maximum
Amendment 23D.C. Gets Electoral Votes
Amendment 24Abolishes Poll Tax
Amendment 25Presidential Succession
Amendment 26Voting Age 18
Amendment 27Congressional Pay