Articles and Amendments

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Question Answer
Article 1Legislative Branch
Article 2Executive Branch
Article 3Judicial Branch
Article 4Relations Among States
Article 5Amendment
Article 6Supreme Law of the Land
Article 7Ratification


Question Answer
Amendment IReligion, Speech, Assembly,Press, and Petition
Amendment IIRight to Bear Arms
Amendment IIIThe Quartering of Soldiers
Amendment IVSearches and Seizures
Amendment VGrand Juries, Self-Incrimination, Double Jeapordy, and Eminent Domain
Amendment VICriminal Court Procedures
Amendment VIITrial by Jury in Civil Cases
Amendment VIIIBail, Cruel and Unusual Punishment
Amendment IXThe Rights Retained by the People
Amendment XReserved Powers of the State


Question Answer
Amendment XISuits against States
Amendment XIIElection of the President
Amendment XIIIProhibition of Slavery
Amendment XIVCitizenship, Due Process, and Equal Protection of the Laws
Amendment XVThe Right to Vote
Amendment XVIIncome Tax
Amendment XVIIThe Popular Election of Senators
Amendment XVIIIProhibition
Amendment XIXWomen's Right to Vote
Amendment XXThe Lame Duck Amendment
Amendment XXIThe Repeal of Prohibition
Amendment XXIILimitation of Presidential Terms
Amendment XXIIIPresidential Electors for the District of Columbia
Amendment XXIVThe Anti-Poll Tax Amendment
Amendment XXVPresidential Disability and Vice Presidential Vacancies
Amendment XXVIVoting Rights for Eighteen-Year-Olds
Amendment XXVIICongressional Pay