Articles and Amendments

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Question Answer
Article 1Legislative Branch
Article 2Executive Branch
Article 3Judicial Branch
Article 4Relations Among States
Article 5Methods of Amendment
Article 6National Supremacy
Article 7Ratification


Question Answer
Amendment 1Religion, Speech, Assembly, and Petition
Amendment 2Militia and Right to Bear Arms
Amendment 3The Quartering of Soldiers
Amendment 4No Unreasonable Searches and Seizures
Amendment 5Grand Juries, Self-Incrimination, Double Jeapordy, and Eminent Domain
Amendment 6Criminal Court Procedures
Amendment 7Trial by Jury in Civil Cases
Amendment 8Bail, Cruel and Unusual Punishment
Amendment 9People have other unlisted rights
Amendment 10Powers not in const. are given to the State


Question Answer
Amendment 11Suits against States
Amendment 12Election of the President
Amendment 13Prohibition of Slavery
Amendment 14Citizenship, Due Process, and Equal Protection of the Laws
Amendment 15The Right to Vote
Amendment 16Income Tax
Amendment 17The Popular Election of Senators
Amendment 18Prohibition
Amendment 19Women's Right to Vote
Amendment 20Term Dates (President is an incumbent for 2 months)
Amendment 21The Repeal of Prohibition
Amendment 22Limitation of Presidential Terms
Amendment 23DC is allowed reps
Amendment 24The Anti-Poll Tax Amendment
Amendment 25VP Will become President, Nominates new VP
Amendment 26Voting Rights for Eighteen-Year-Olds
Amendment 27Congressional Pay takes effect next term