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What was unusual about Richard E.?Richard died 100 years ago and was a ghost
What is the setting of "Into the storm" ?Morhead city, North Carolina
What are 2 things dogs can help humans with?Autism , stress
People didn't have dogs unless the people were ________. Rich
______%of U.S families own _____ dogs.50% , 1
Dog owners spend an average of $____ on their dogs.$135
List 3 people and there failure that turned them into a success.Beyoncé lost on star search when she was 12, J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series was rejected by 12 publishers, and Abraham Lincoln lost 5 elections before becoming president
_______ was the first to test the hand free car.Uber
The car relays on ____ to navagate.Radar, computer, lidar , and cameras
How do the kids in Atue'er get to school?
Due to ____kids from Berglesh India got to school on a _____.
Kids in Madeline, Wisconsin got to school by ____ in the summer and by _____ in the winter and by _____ before it get really cold.
Banboons are native to _____ and _____.
Most banboons target _____ to get ______.
The average life span of a banboons is _____to _____years.
How are the citizens in Cape Town responding to the aggressiveness of the banboons.By killing them and there by protesting