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Section 1

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many complex building traditions/patterns in place centuries before Europeans colonized N. America
Iroquois village: ;Long before Europeans reached the ‘New World,’ Native Americans had settled
the Western Hemisphere & created 100s of civilizations. They built cities, founded empires, established artistic and literary traditions, created legal codes, and engaged in scientific research. In sum, they created significant, complex cultures, including architectural cultures and traditions….European/natives come into uncomfortable contact with each other in 15th century
lean-to at rear holds service areas, creating a distinctive 'saltbox profile'
variety of 17th century house "plan types" built by British-American colonists
plantation landscapes look like collections of small, dispersed 'villages'
"cultural hearths"
box framing: complicated, fully framed joinery that required a skilled carpenter
hall is the room; hall-house is the house type…life in one-room house typical for most Am. colonists through much of 17th century
two-room or hall-chamber/hall-parlor house
earthfast/slight framing…in Cheseapeake, before 1650s, builders made conscious decision not to used substantial, permanent construction methods
'slight framing'…part of earthfast/impermanent construction
Newport Parish Church (now St. Luke's) - Isle of Wight County, VA - 1682
Bacon's Castle - Surry County, VA - 1665
combination of Chesapeake slight framing and English box framing --> the Virginia House…technological response to 17th century Chesapeake economic/social conditions
'Virginia house' reconstruction…Virginia House: refashioning of English box framing; earth fast posts regularly placed; simple, minimal joints; covered with clapboards
Bacon's Castle - Surry County, VA - 1665…originally Arthur Allen's brick house
Chesapeake tobacco culture
earthfast/impermanent construction…also known as slight framing
plan of Bacon's Castle, Surry County, VA...
iconic New England village
NE meetinghouses
New England saltbox

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