Arteries Heads, Legs, and Face

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Of the following arteries, the one involved in the make-up of the Circle of Willis isANTERIOR CEREBRAL ARTERY
What blood vessel is formed by the union of the right and left vertebral arteries?BASILAR ARTERY
The internal carotid artery is the main blood supply to theBRAIN
Which of the following blood vessels is a continuation of the anterior tibial artery?dorsalis pedis artery
Of the following arteries, the one that is a branch of the external carotid artery is themaxillary artery
Trifurcation of the Common facial artery - Feeds the noseANTERIOR FACIAL ARTERY

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Branch of the Common superficial temporal artery - Feeds the foreheadANTERIOR SUPERFICIAL TEMPORAL ARTERY
Bifurcation of the Popliteal artery - Feeds the front of the lower leg - continues as the Dorsalis Pedis arteryANTERIOR TIBIAL ARTERY
Continuation of the Dorsalis Pedis artery - Feeds the area proximal of the toes / ball of the foot - continues as the Digital arteriesARCUATE ARTERIES
Branch of the External Carotid artery - Feeds the pharynxASCENDING PHARYNGEAL ARTERY
The subclavian artery continues as the...AXILLARY ARTERY

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Which blood vessel begins at the lateral border of the first rib and terminates as it passes by the tendon of the teres major muscle? AXILLARY ARTERY
An artery that supplies blood to the hand is theDEEP PALMAR ARTERY
Continuation of the Axillary artery - Feeds the distal upper arm - also elbow with Brachial recurrent artery - bifurcates into the Radial artery or Ulnar arteryBRACHIAL ARTERY
The radial artery is one of the bifurcations of the..... BRACHIAL ARTERY
Each of the following arteries is paired EXCEPT theBRACHIOCEPHALIC ARTERY
Which of the following branches of the external carotid artery supplies blood to the nose, lips and chin?COMMON FACIAL ARTERY

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Branch of the Brachiocephalic (Rt) or Aortic Arch (Lt.) - Feeds the neckcoomon carotid
The external iliac artery is a continuation of the ......common iliac
The femoral artery is a continuation of the.....common iliac
The vertebral artery arises from theSUBCLAVIAN ARTERY
An artery that is considered to be the continuation of the radial artery is thedeep palmar arch
Continuation of the Anterior Tibial artery - Feeds the top of the foot DORSALIS PEDIS ARTERY

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Bifurcation of the Common Carotid artery - Feeds the scalp and faceexternal carotid
Continuation of External Iliac artery - Feeds the entire upper leg, with medial, lateral, and deep circumflex femoral arteries branchesFEMORAL ARTERY
The femoral artery continues as the..... popliteal artery
What blood vessel begins at the opening of the adductor magnus muscle?popliteal artery
Bifurcation of the Popliteal artery - Feeds the back of the lower leg muscles - branches into the Peroneal arteryposterior tibial

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What arteries result from the bifurcation of the descending abdominal aorta artery?R&L common iliac
The axillary artery is a continuation of the..... SUBCLAVIAN ARTERY
Bifurcation of the Brachial artery - Feeds the medial lower arm - also elbow with Ulnar recurrent branch - continues as the Superficial Palmar arteriesULNAR ARTERY