Arteries and veins

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Arterial system has one, venous system has twobrachiocephalic
arteries that supply the myocardiumcoronary
more anterior artery pair serving the braininternal corotid
longest vein in bodygreat saphenous
artery on the foot checked after leg surgerydorsalis pedis
serves posterior thighdeep femoral
supplies the diaphragmphrenic

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formed by the union of the radial and ulnar veinsbrachial
two superficial veins of the armbasiclic, cephalic, brachial, radial, ulnar
artery serving the kidneyrenal
testicular or ovarian veinsgonadal
artery that supplies the distal half of the large intestineinferior mesenteric
drains the pelvic organs and lower limbscommon iliac
what the external iliac vein drains into in the pelviscommon iliac

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major artery serving the armbrachial
supplies most of the smal lintestinesuperior mesenteric
what the femoral artery becomes at the kneepopliteal
an arterial trunk that has three major branches, which run to the liver, spleen, and stomachceliac trunk
major artery serving the skin and scalp of the headexternal carotid
two veins that join, forming the popliteal veinanterior tibial, posterior tibial
artery generally used to take the pulse at the wristradial

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