Art History Architecture Vocab

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Question Answer
Abacusslab at the top of a capital
architravesquare beam, lowest of three horizontal components in a Classical entableture
cornicecrowning horizontal molding of a building
flutingshallow vertical channels cut into the shaft of a column
piermassive vertical, rectangular support
pilastercolumn in a flattened, rectangular shape projecting slightly from the face of the wall


Question Answer
ambulatorya semicircular or polygonal passageway around the apse of a church
gallerythe upper story projecting from the interior wall of a building, or placed above the aisles of a church. Can be a corridor or an area for seating
lancettall, slender window with a sharply pointed arch common in early gothic arch.
lanterncylindrical or polygonal structure that crowns a dome, its base usually opens to allow light to enter
narthexcolonnaded porch in front of the facade of a church
oculusa round window


Question Answer
pendentiveinverted, concave, triangular piece of masonry serving as the transition from a square support system to the circular base of a dome
piano nobilethe principal reception and living area in an Italian palace, the first floor above the ground floor
pointed arch??
radiating chapelchapels which radiate from an ambulatory. normally in french gothic cathedrals
rose windowa large, circular window with tracery arranged like the spokes of a wheel or other radial patterns, commonly found in gothic facades
springingthe point from which an arch or vault springs or rises from its supports
rib vaulta slender projecting arched member of a vault used to facilitate its construction, reincforce its structure, or articulate its form in varying ways
transverse arch??
transverse rib??
transeptin a basilican church, the arm that crosses the nave at right angles, usually separating it from the apse
voussoira wedge-shaped stone used in the construction of an arch or vault
wall rib (formeret)an arched half-rib applied to the lateral wall surface in a vaulted bay, its function, rather than structural, being to complete the pattern of the vault's main ribs
triforiuman arcaded wall passage in a gothic nave wall, between the clerestory and the main arcade in a three story elevation, in a four story elevation it appears between the gallery and the clerestory
nave arcade??
baya vertical compartment of a building in which several such compartments are repeated, each bay might be defined by columns, piers, windows, or vaulting arches
traceryornamental intersection stonework in gothic windows, panels, and screens.
keystonethe central voussoir at the top of a completed arch
cantilevera self-supporting extended horizontal projection from a vertical support
curtain wallin modern arch, a non load-bearing wall (usually glass, steel, aluminum) the is hung in front of a buildings structural frame
free plan??
organic architecture??
strip (ribbon) window??
pilotisslits used to lift a structure above the ground, freeing the space at ground level for uses other than support
steel frame??