Art History 2 Vocab

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Question Answer
X Hierarchical ScaleSize = importance (Stele of Naram Sin)
LamassuGuardian figures at Citadel of Sargon the II. Bearded head of a man, body of a lion/bull, eagle wings, horned headdress of a god. Citadel complex of Sargon II (Assyrian)
Bent AxisArchitecture with 2+ angular changes in direction. Sharp, 90 degree progression. (Citadel Complex of Sargon the II)
Bas ReliefThe figure is raised from the flat background, usually shallow. (Darius and Xerxes Receiving Tribute)
SatrapGovernor of a province in ancient Persia. (They controlled land while they worked under Darius and Xerxes)
Ma'atFeather; Egyptian goddess of truth, order, and justice.
KaThe soul/life force of the body. (housed in a statue) (Cult Statue of Khafre)
PaletteA stone slab with hieroglyphics that was used to crush makeup on. (Palette of Narmer)
Unification of Upper and Lower EgyptWhite crown of upper Egypt/Red crown of lower Egypt. Depicts Narmer unifying them.
AtenGod of the Sun (First monotheistic Egyptian figure, founded by Akhenaton)
MonotheismOnly one God! (Aten, created by Akhenaton)
Canon of ProportionsA set of rules that defined proportions for scultping the human body. First Egyptians, then Greeks. (Polykleitos' Doryphoros)
Acropolis"City on Top of a Hill" Visual expression of Athenian Values (from Pericles). Includes Iktinos and Kallikatres' temple.
X Delian LeagueAlliance of Greek city-states under Athens against the invading Persians (Pericles)
AthenaGoddess of Civilization, Law and Justice. (Erechtheion, where she beat Poseidon in a contest w/ an olive branch)
Panathenaic ProcessionProcession to the Parthenon where Athena was worshipped and sacrifices given
Panathenaic FestivalLike Olympics
X ContrappostoConvention of presenting standing figures with opposing alternations of tension and relaxation around a central axis. (Kritios Boy)
X CaryatidColumns carved as clothed women on pedestals (Erechtheion)
X LegalismStrict adhere to law and philosophy- no exceptions. Qin Dynasty (Mausoleum of Emperor Shihuangdi)
X ConfucianismGoal of attainment of social harm, first with self, then family and friends. (A Reception in the Palace)
DaoismClose relationship between humans and nature. (Incense Burner)
The Dao"The Way" of the universe- simplicity, way of the world
BoshanluType of incense burner, mountain peaks rising over waves. Daosim
VerismAccurate and faithful reproduction of the appearance of a subject. (Aulus Metellus)
PatricianPerson of noble/high rank- often portrayed with verism. Aulus Metellus
PlebianA commoner
AugustusBorn Octavian, he brought peace and served as a Triumvirate
Princeps"The First" emperor of Rome (Augustus)
X Bread and CircusesKeep the masses entertained and fed so that they are malleable. The Coliseum
Barrel VaultSemi-circle tunnel (Coliseum)
Groin VaultWhere two barrel vaults intersect (Coliseum)
Engaged ColumnA column embedded and partially projecting from a wall. Coliseum
Triumphal ArchA large monumental archway used to commemorate victories. Arch of titus, honoring his triumph over Jerusalem
Oratory GestureGestures used during speeches to indicate what emotions are being said/should be felt. (Aulus Metellus)
BloodlettingSacrifice to Gods, assures lineage and prosperity
Lost-Wax CastingClay core -> wax model on top of it. Covered in Clay, then heated to melt wax. Cast then had metal poured in. (Hip Pendant Representing an Iyoba (Queen Mother), (Plaque)