Art & Archaeology Test 4

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Etruscan Art

Question Answer
Tuscan columnsionic base with doric like capital
Podiumbase the temple sits up on
Cellacenter room
Acroterionornament placed on a base, and mounted at the apex of the pediment
Tufavolcanic rock
Terracottared clay
Tarquinius Superbusseventh king, led to establishment of the Roman Republic
Necropoliscity of the dead
Tumulusancient burial mound
Cinerary urnholds a person’s ashes
Sarcophagusa stone coffin
Bronze casting used to duplicate of an original piece


Roman art

Question Answer
Romulus & Remustwins, taken and cared for by wolves
Aeneas (Aeneid = Virgil)Trojan hero, son of prince Anchises and goddess Venus
Patriciansan aristocrat or nobleman
Plebeiansmember of the lower social classes
Verism (veristic image)artistic preference of contemporary everyday subject matter instead of the heroic or legendary in art and literature; it is a form of realism
Laresguardian deities
penateshousehold gods worshiped in conjunction with Vesta and the lares by the ancient Romans
“Do ut des”/quid pro quoThis for that
Parentalianine day festival held in honor of family ancestors
Res gestaeaccomplishments
Orans posepraying or pleading, standing, elbows close to sides, hand stretched sideways, palms up
Mystery religionparticipation was reserved to initiate
Intuitiveusing, or based on what one feels to be true even without reasoning
Pax romanapeace of Rome
Bucraniumcommon form of carved decoration in Classical architecture
Garlandswreath of flowers and leaves worn on the head or hung as a decoration
Personifications“fair dealing” diety of a virtue or something symbolic
Allegorical representationshidden meanings through symbolic figures
Parthiansnative or inhabitant of the ancient kingdom of Parthia
Augustus“great” “venerable” title
Pontifex Maximusthe head of the principal college of priests
Iconographyvisual images and symbols used in a work of art
Acanthus leafenduring life
Damnatio memoriaecondemnation of memory; person must not be remembered
Quadrigacar chariot drawn by four horses
SPQRSenatus Populusque Romanus “the senate and the people of Rome”
Adlocutioaddress given by a general, usually emperor, to his massed army and legions
Virtuscarries connotations of valor, manliness, excellence, courage,, character and worth, perceived as masculine strengths
Tetrarchyform of government where power is divided among four individuals
Augusti“majestic” title given as both
Personificationanthropomorphism of a nation or its people
Apotheosiselevation to divine status
Daciansnative or inhabitant of Dacia
In hoc signo vinces“In this sign you will conquer”
Apollodorus of Damascus“golden Apollo” architecture of Rome

Roman architecture

Question Answer
Stuccofine plaster used for coating wall surfaces
Pseudo-peripteralfree standing columns in front
Engaged columnscolumns that stick out of the wall a little
Roman/composite capitala mixed order, combining the volutes of the Ionic order capital with the acanthus leaves of the Corinthian order
Podiumplatform building sits up on
Cellacenter room
Vaultrood in the form of an arch
Coffered ceilingsunken panels in the shape of square, rectangles or octagon
Archcurved symmetrical structure spanning an opening and supports weight
Arcadecovered passageway with arches along one or both sides
Colonnadea row of columns supporting a roof
Opus caementiciummaterial used in construction, concrete like
Castellumsmall roman fortlet or tower
Foruma place, meeting, or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged
Cardo decumanuseast/west oriented road in a Roman city
Basilicanave, aisles, apse
navecentral aisle
apsesemicircle recess covered with a hemispherical vault
Amphitheaterround, oval building, unroofed, central space for main event
Arenalevel area surrounded by seats for spectators
Domushouse occupied by the upper classes
Villalarge luxurious country residence
Insulaapartment building; housed most of urban citizens
Atriumopen central court which enclosed rooms led off
Oculuseye in the roof
Impluviumpool filled with rain water in the room
Peristylecolumns that go all around the building
Linear perspectiveused by artists which relative size, shape and position of objects are determined by drawn or imagined lines converting to one point
Cameomethod of carving an object, layered stone
Horologiummonument; used as a giant solar market
Mausoleumlarge tomb built by Roman Emperor Augustus
Aqueducthelps water flow to city, has pipes
Atticroom built on
Triumphal archmonument structure in shape of an archway with one side more arched
Composite ordermixed order, combing volutes with acanthus
Spoliarepurposed building stone
Liminala threshold, was formally welcomed to the city
Spandrelspace between two arches or between an arch and a rectangle enclosure
Triumphal columncommemorates Roman emperor’s victories
Castellumsmall fortlet or tower
Circumambulationto walk a circle around a holy place, person, or object
Caldarium, tepidarium, frigidarium
Caesarithe domus, type of house occupied by the upper classes and some wealthy freedom during the Republican and Imperial eras
Barrel vaultvault forming a half cylinder
Clerestoryupper part of the nave
Groin vaultintersection at right angles of two barrel vaults


Question Answer
*Shoes offhonor the divine

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