AR's and FM's Studyguide

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Question Answer
Field Manual for map reading and land navigation?FM 3-25.26
FM covers Physical Fitness Training?FM 21-20
AR for ABCPAR 600-9
Army Regulation covers the EO program?AR 600-20 chapter 6
AR covers the Army Physical Fitness ProgramAR 350-1Chapter 1 Section 24
army Regulation covers ASAP?AR 600-85
ASAP ReferralsDA 8003 referral form
AR for ACSAR 608-1
AR for ACESAR 621-5
AR Army Learning CenterAR 621-6
FM that covers counselingsFM 6-22 Appendix B
Counseling formDA form 4856
physical fitness profileda form 3349
Physical fitness test score carda form 705
What ar covers military justicear 27-10
How many articles are in ucmj158, 146 and 12 sub articles
Sumnerized article 15 da formda form 2627-1
Fm that covers drill and ceremonyfm3-21.5
MCoE Pam210-10 standards of conduct
Sharp ARAR 600-20 chapter 7