Army Regulations

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What army regulation covers ACS (Army Community Service)?AR 608-1
What is the motto for ACS?Self-help, service and stability
What field manual covers CBRN?FM 3-11
What army regulation covers military justice?AR 27-10
What army regulation covers the Army Substance Abuse Program (ASAP)?AR 600-85
What army regulation covers the NCODP?AR 350-1
What army regulation covers Equal Opportunity?AR 600-20 Chapter 6
What army regulation covers SHARP?AR 600-20 Ch. 7 & 8
What army regulation covers Army Body Composition Program?AR 600-9
What army regulation covers NCOER? AR 623-3
What ADP covers Training Units & Developing Leaders?ADP 7-0
What ADP covers operational terms and military symbols?ADP 1-02
What ADP covers Stability? ADP 3-07
What army regulation covers Exceptional Family Member Program?AR 608-85
What ADP covers Sustainment?ADP 4-0
What ADP covers The Operations Process?ADP 5-0
What TC covers Drill & Ceremony?TC 3-21.5
What ADP covers Mission Command?ADP 6-0
What army regulation covers Code of Conduct?AR 350-30
What army regulation covers customs and courtesies? AR 600-25
What ADP covers Army Leadership?ADP 6-22
What army regulation covers uniforms?AR 670-1
What ADP covers Protection?ADP 3-37
What army regulation covers military awards?AR 600-8-22
What FM covers First Aid?4-25.11
What army regulation covers customs and courtesies?AR 600-25
What ADP covers Army Leadership?ADP 6-22
What ADP covers Stability? ADP 3-07
What ADP covers Operational Terms & Military symbols?ADP 1-02
What army regulation covers uniforms?AR 670-1
What ADP covers Protection? ADP 3-37
What army regulation covers military awards?AR 600-8-22
What FM covers map reading? FM 3-25.26
What does ACS symbol represent? Heart=giving, Cross=help, Gyroscope=stability
AR regulations for Army Continuing Education System (ACES) and Army Leaning Centers? AR 621-5 and AR 621-6
What does TABE stand for? Test of Adult Basic Education
What does SOCAD stand for? Service member's Opportunity College Army Degrees
AR for AER? AR 930-4
What is AER's motto? Helping the Army Take Care of it's Own
What AR covers Army Retention Program? AR 601-280
What AR covers the Total Army Sponsorship Program? AR 600-8-8
DA form for transmit of sponsorship requirements to gaining command? DA form 5434
What FM covers Physical Readiness Training (PRT)? FM 7-22
What does WTBD stand for? Warrior Tasks And Battle Drills
What publication covers rifle marksmanship? FM 3-22.9
Maximum range for M4/M16?3600 meters
What is SPORTS?SLAP upward, PULL charging handle, OBSERVE ejection port, RELEASE charging handle, TAP forward, SQUEEZE trigger
When was position of Sergeant Major of the Army established?4 July 1966
AR for Army Command Policy? AR 600-20
What year was Army's first leadership doctrine was published? 1948
What ADP covers offense and defense?ADP 3-90
What ADP covers the Army?ADP 1
When was the Army Flag dedicated?14 June 1956
Army Birthday?June 14 1775
When was the start of the Revolutionary War?19 April 1775
When was the Declaration of Independence signed?July 4 1776
Prussian Officer at Valley Forge who trained the Army in 1778?Baron Fredreich von Steuben
What document was replaced by the Constitution?The Articles of Confederation
Most prolific writer in the early 19th century "The Army Regulations of 1821" General Winfield Scott
When and where did the Civil War begin?April 1861 on Ft. Sumter in Charleston Harbor
Creation of Medal of Honor?12 July 1862
When did WWI begin?August 1914
When did Japan attack Pearl Harbor?7 December 1941
When was D Day?June 6 1944
When did the Korean War start?1950
What year did President Johnson begin escalation in South Vietnam?1965
When was Saddam Hussein captured?December 13 2003
What FM covers duties, responsibilities and authorities of a NCO?FM 7-22.7
Who wrote the blue book?Inspector General Friedrich von Steuben
What year did NCO's referenced with chevrons?1821
What year was "The Abstract of Infantry Tactics" was published providing instructions for NCOs?1829
How many articles are in the UCMJ?146 + 12 sub articles = 158
Form for summarized article 15 proceedings.DA Form 2627-1
What articles are known as punitive articles?77-134
What FM covers first aid?FM 4-25.11
What army regulation covers ACS (Army Community Service)?AR 608-1
What army regulation covers military justice?AR 27-10
What army regulation covers the Army Substance Abuse Program (ASAP)?AR 600-85
What army regulation covers the NCODP (noncommissioned officer development program)?AR 350-1
What army regulation covers Morale, Welfare and Recreation Programs?AR 215-1
What army regulation covers NCOER? AR 623-3
What ADP covers Stability? ADP 3-07
What TC covers Drill & Ceremony?TC 3-21.5
What AR covers raising and lowering the flag?AR 600-25 and AR 840-10
Approximately how long is "to the color"?40 seconds in duration
Total number of streamers on the the Army Flag?189
William Beaumont's famous patient?Alexis St. Martin
What year did Alexis St. Martin get shot?1822
When did William Beaumont General Hospital open?July 2, 1921
When did William Beaumont General Hospital start construction?June 20, 1920
When did the plastic surgery clinic open for WBGH?December 1943
Who was the first chief of plastic surgery?Willard W. Schussler
Hospital commander to became Surgeon General of the Army?Maj. Gen. Charles G. Pixley (commander from 1975-1976)
What year did the hospital become WBAMC?1973
What does the WBAMC colors white and maroon represent?Traditional colors of the Medical Department
What does the Maltese cross come from?Knights Hospitallers of medieval times.
What does the Fleur-de-lis point north refer to?Beaumonts assignment in 1820 to Fort Mackinac.
WBAMC unit insignia was officially approved in?Dec 31 1969
WBAMC unit insignia was redesigned in?Aug 15 1973
Year of Medical department creation?1818
What is the symbol of medicine?Staff of Aesculapius
What does the rooster represent on the RDI?Symbol of Aesculapius and ancient medicine
What are the three phases of PRT?Initial conditioning, toughening, sustaining.
What are the three exercise principles?Precision, progression, and integration.
1st General OrderI will guard everything within the limits of my post and quit my post only when properly relieved.
2nd General OrderI will obey my special orders and perform all my duties in a military manner.
3rd General OrderI will report violations of my special orders, emergencies and anything not covered in my instructions, to the commander of the relief.
What is C-METL?Core Mission Essential Task List
What is D-METL?Directed Mission Essential Task List
What is strength?Ability to overcome resistance
What is endurance?Ability to sustain activity
What is PMI?Preliminary Marksmanship Instruction
2 components of marksmanship training strategy?Initial and sustainment training.
What is muzzle velocity of the M4 and M16?2970 fps M4 and 3100 fps M16
4 fundamentals of firing?Steady position, aiming, breathing, trigger squeeze
How many different weapons systems are authorized component bars?19
4 special skill tabs?Ranger, Special Forces, President's 100, Sapper
how is the RDI worn on a female ASU?centered 1/2 inch above nameplate or 1/4 inch above unit awards.
When was the NCO support channel formally recognized?20 December 1976
What is NCO business?Train and lead soldiers
Explain Chain of CommandThe succession of commanders superior to subordinates through which command is exercised.
Define ResponsibilityBeing accountable for what you do.
Define DutyLegal or moral obligation to do what should be done without being told.
What are key elements of command?Authority and Responsibility
What must a Sergeant have to accomplish Sergeant's Business?Skill, ability, leadership to train and lead soldiers into combat.
What are 3 levels of Leadership?Direct, Organizational, Strategic
What are Leader competencies?Leads, Develops, Achieves
When did the Army's first leadership doctrine published?1948
3 Leader attributesCharacter, Intellect, Presence
4 requirements of character?Army values, Empathy, Warrior Ethos, Discipline
4 requirements of presence?Military bearing, Fitness, Confidence, Resilience
5 requirements of Intellect?Mental agility, Sound Judgement, Innovation, Interpersonal tact, Expertise
How do Army leaders build trust?honesty and dependability
Who is responsible for securing maps in a unit?G2/S2 section
How many different types of maps are there?8
What does UTM stand for?Universal Transverse Mercator grid
What is True North?All lines of longitude, line from any point on earth to the north pole.
What is Grid North?north established by vertical grid lines on the map
What is Magnetic North?north-seeking arrow of compass.
What is azimuth?horizontal angle measured clockwise from a north baseline. Most common way to describe direction in the military.
How many mils are in a circle?6400 mils
3 types of contour lines?Index, Intermediate, supplementary
5 major terrain features?Hill, Valley, Ridge, Saddle, Depression
3 minor terrain featuresCliff, Draw, Spur
Supplementary terrain featuresCut and fill
Ways to orient the mapuse compass, use terrain association, use field expedient methods
3 marching steps used in drill?15 in step 30 in step and 30 in step double time 180 steps per minute
What is a review?military ceremony
What are two prescribed formations for platoons?Line and column
What are 4 rest positions at halt?Parade rest, Stand at ease, at ease, rest
Only command given from "Inspection Arms"?Ready, Port, Arms
Who is the person in a platoon that is never out of step?Platoon guide
What is a file?A column, which has a front of only one element
What is formation?arrangement of elements of a unit in a prescribed manner
While passing or being passed by the colors when do you render a hand salute?Six paces before and after
How many steps in quick time?120 per minute
How many steps in double time?180 steps per minute
What is depth?Space from front to rear
Two parts of most drill commandpreparatory command and command of execution
5 types of commands in drill?two part, combined, supplementing, directive
Who is responsible for training and appearance of the color guard?CSM
3 methods to teach Drill?Step by Step, By the numbers, Talk-through
How many steps between platoons5 Step
How far in front of the Honor Company or color company do the colors halt?10 steps
How is the flag draped over the casket?so the stars are over the left shoulder
What does the red represent on the colors?Hardiness and Valor
What does the blue represent on the colors?Vigilance, preservation and justice
What does the white represent on the colors?purity and innocence
How many stripes does the American flag have?13 (7 red and 6 white)
What date was the Army flag dedicated?June 14 1956
2 ways flags are displayed?Flat or hanging freely
What does hoist of a flag mean?Width of flag top to bottom
What does Fly of a flag mean?the length, horizontal edge from left to right
3 Types of flags normally flown?Storm (5x9), Post (11 3/8 x 17), and Garrison (20 x 38)
5 basic US flags used by army?Storm, Post, Garrison, Field, Interment
What is the heights of flag poles?50, 60, 75 ft
Dimensions for Army Flag streemers?2 3/8 inches wide and 4 ft long
What is tactics?employment and ordered arrangement of forces in relation to each other
Set of tools commanders use to develop solutions to tactical problemsTactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs)
What is METT-TC?6 mission variables. (Mission, Enemy, Terrain and weather, Troops, Time available, and Civil considerations.)
What is Hasty Operation?Operation in which the commander directs immediately with minimal preparation or planning
What is Deliberate operation?Operation in which tactical situation allows pllaning and development using multiple branches.
Two things inherent in all tactical operations?Risk and Uncertainty
3 forms of defense?Defense of linear obstacle, perimeter defense, reverse slope defense
Operations process is the framework for exercising what?Mission Command
What are major command activities performed during operations?Planning, preparing, executing and continuously accessing the situation
Who is responsible for training units and developing leaders?Commanders
Where does training begin?in the generating force
Where do soldiers build on fundamental skills, knowledge and behaviors?Operational assignments
What does METL stand for?Mission-essential task list
Which domains do U.S. forces operate?Air, land, maritime, space, and cyberspace domains.
Four other essential characteristics of our profession?military expertise, honorable service, esprit de corps, and stewardship
Most important determinant of combat power?leadership
U.S Army's greatest strategic asset?The all-volunteer force.
Function of operating force?units organized, trained and equipped to deploy and fight.
Function of generating force?mans,trains,equips,deploys,and ensures readiness of all Army Forces.
Commander in ChiefPresident Barack Obama
Secretary of DefenseHonorable Ashton Carter
Secretary of the ArmyHonorable Eric Fanning
Chairmen Joint Chief of StaffGeneral Joseph F. Dunford
Army Chief of StaffGeneral Mark A Miley
MEDCOM CommanderMG Nadja West
CRHC Commanding GeneralMG Thomas Tempel
WBAMC/ Brigade CommanderCol John A. Smyrski
Sergeant Major of the ArmyCSM Daniel A. Dailey
CSM Central Regional Health CommandCSM Jayme D. Johnson
WBAMC CSM/ Brigade SMCSM Donald L. George
Senior Enlisted Advisor McAfeeSFC Hernandez


Question Answer
What is JSLIST?Joint Service lightweight Integrated Suit Technology
When under NBC attack when do you give warning?After you mask
What does MOPP stand for?Mission Oriented Protective Posture
Proper mask procedure?Stop breathing close eyes, don mask, clear mask, check seal, sound alarm, continue mission
CBRNChemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear
Two NBC hazards?Immediate (casualties immediately) and Residual (delayed effects) hazards.
Number of NAAK for first aid treatment for nerve agent poisoning?3
3 types of alarms and signals?audible, automatic, visual
FM for NBC Operations?FM 3-11
FM for NBC Protection?FM 3-11.4
FM for NBC Decon?FM 3-5
NBC Handbook?FM 3-7
Chemical Agent forms?vapor, solid, liquid, gases
Sequence masks should the straps be tightened?Forehead, Cheek, Temple

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