Arianna Zamorano-Module 8

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Question Answer
What is adjacent angle?angels in the same place that have a common vertex and common side
What is a complementary angle?two angles whose measure add to 90 degrees
What is cross section ?the intersection of a 3D figure and plane shape.
What is a congruent angle?angle that have the same measure
What is a supplementary angles?two angles whose measure have a sum of 180 degrees
What is a vertical angle?a pair of opposite congruent angles formed by intersecting lines
Steps for finding area1)find the feet 2)find the height 3)find the length 4)find the area
Steps for angle relationship 1) Identify relationships 2)write and solve equations 3)find the measure
Formula for a cubel*w*h
formula for a square l*w
Area of rectangle formulal*w
Volume of rectangle formulal*w*h
Area of triangle formula1/2 b*h
Volume of triangle prism(1/2 b*h)*h